If you are concerned about this prior to going on exchange, please contact your Go Global advisor. UBC Go Global I've been thinking about going overseas for a semester, but I'm still not 100% on it. Please e-mail goglobal.okanagan@ubc.ca to reach us. Hey everyone, my name’s Chris. We endeavour to collect feedback from every UBC student about the value they found in their Go Global exchanges. UBC Okanagan Go Global, Kelowna, British Columbia. Tel: 250 807 9763. third-year POLI). You should make sure the universities you’re interested in offer courses you need to take towards your degree in the term(s) that you wish to go. Also consider living arrangements, lifestyle, and other personal needs. Lastly, it may highlight your ability to succeed in new and challenging environments. How does UBC make decisions around cancelling programs? This photo was taken on my trip to Paris in front of the Arc de Triomphe, which I passed every day between my airbnb and the rest of the city! The results of the evaluation will appear online on the Student Service Centre (SSC), in the “Transfer credit” section. Go Global has partner universities in over 35 countries, but some of our partners offer programs and courses that will complement and enhance your UBC International Economics degree. Kelowna, BC Canada V1V 1V7 However, they do become part of your permanent academic record. The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a global centre for teaching, learning and research, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world and recently recognized as North America’s most international university. Summer Programs are assessed per credit (e.g. I did extensive research of where I wanted to go and I don’t regret it whatsoever. Go Global has partnered with universities in different areas of the world to offer you programs and courses that will complement and enhance your UBC ECE degree: ETH Zurich in Switzerland, the National University of Singapore, University College of London, University of Bristol in UK, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lund University in Sweden. Go Global deadlines! In most cases, students apply during their second or third years to go on exchange in their third or fourth year. Imagine studying information architecture in Switzerland, learning about the applications of electromagnetism in Hong Kong, or taking part in industry leading research in Singapore. Hi everyone! If you are attending a university that has a three-year degree (Australia, New Zealand, and most countries in Europe), courses in the second year often transfer as upper-level credit at UBC but this needs to be confirmed by faculty or the database. I did extensive research of where I wanted to go and I don’t regret it whatsoever. Which deadline applies to me? Once you’ve completed your research on available … Iceland is a place that has always been somewhere on my mind. Therefore, taking a full course load while on exchange will be the same as taking a full course load here at UBC. The remaining spots are offered to students on a combination of grades and the essay. I am a Civil Engineering student and I spent both semesters of my third year studying at the university of Iceland and exploring the country. There are limited spaces available at each partner university and the demand for each partner varies from one year to the next. As a general guideline, a full course load at the host university transfers as a full course load at UBC. Student programs include Global Seminars, Exchange, Summer programs, Research and Internships abroad, and Practicum Placements. Just make sure to research the partner university and definitely the city. I highly recommend traveling alone at least once as it squashes fears and will boost your confidence to continue exploring. Are there any scholarships or awards available? You can log back in and update your information at anytime. Should I be worried about how the courses I want to take on exchange will transfer back to UBC? However, since up to date course information from your host university will not be available until closer to the time of your exchange, it may not be possible (or necessary) to know exactly how every course will transfer at this stage. Hey, I actually worked for go global after my exchange so I can answer this! Programs and regions with a December 10 deadline. This famous statue lies right in front of ‘Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem’ which claims to be the oldest pub in England and sits right in the centre of the beautiful city. By Dan Odenbach on April 3, 2017. However, although we do our best to match you to your first choice, this is not always possible if we have more students than spaces available. I traveled to 7 countries during my exchange and was involved in my university’s Songwriting and Pro-Choice societies, which are two of my passions alongside my studies. Visit the Program Advisors section on the transfer credit page to find out who your program advisor is. 823 likes. Go Global is not able to advise on student visas as the criteria change and differs depending on the applicant. Go Global’s international learning programs offer students transformational experiences that promote global awareness, meaningful engagement, and cross-cultural understanding. In March 2020, UBC made the difficult decision to cancel all student travel internationally for university purposes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Undergraduate students planning to undertake course work at UBC must be from a UBC student mobility partner institution (Go Global partner universities).Undergraduate students planning to engage in full-time research at UBC will need to be enrolled in institutions that have a current Memorandum of Understanding (General Statement of … While not all of our partners have guaranteed student housing, most provide assistance in finding accommodation on and off campus. Be sure to include extra spending in your budget, in order to take advantage of the different opportunities exchange offers. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Yes, you can do both! You will be offered a refund on the Go Global fee that you paid. Imagine studying information architecture in Switzerland, learning about the applications of electromagnetism in Hong Kong, or taking part in industry leading research in Singapore. How these credits transfer is dependent on how they are articulated. I am in my 11th year with Go Global and have loved watching it grow over the past decade. Enter the correct address on the Student Service Centre (SSC). As an independent, any coursework you complete would be for personal interest only and ineligible for transfer credit. For more than 30 years, UBC leaders have offered scientific and global clinical operations expertise to our research sponsors. For a general sense of how your grades may translate, refer to the International Grade Conversion Guide. Go Global; Last update: February 3, 2020. Lastly, it’s an opportunity to challenge yourself in a new environment and to gain confidence while strengthening your life skills. Will Summer Abroad programs run in summer 2021? We advise that you submit your online course requests for evaluation once you have finalized the courses you will take on exchange (e.g. As such, it is strongly encouraged that you meet with a Go Global Advisor before applying to Go Global. Planning for 2021 Summer Global Seminar programs is underway. Gateway is a web-based learning abroad management system designed to support student learning abroad experiences. My name is Claire. Please contact us by email, including your student number, to book a virtual appointment. Science Please sign off with your full name. Go Global; Last update: May 18, 2018. Enter the direct URL link of the course description into the Course Request Form. However, we have other funding opportunities on our awards and scholarships page that you must apply for. Returned Go Global students are a great resource, and they’re usually very eager to give advice and share their experiences with others. In this case, consult with your Go Global advisor. Library | Give to UBCO In most cases, as a full-time UBC student you are eligible for provincial and national student loans. Can I defer my experience to another program year? Will my chances of acceptance increase if I apply early? Is this true? If the course was taught in a language other than English, you will need to translate the course information with the original course syllabus. However, exceptions can be made with respect to going in your final year. In some cases, the demand exceeds the number of spaces available. When will UBC announce a decision to cancel programs? Your grades earned while on exchange will never appear on your UBC transcript and do not affect your GPA. Structured exchange pathways allow you to pursue pre-reviewed course paths at these partner institutions. Do you advise students about transferring credit from their Exchange? Applications accepted: November 5, 2016 - January 20, 2017, Technical University of Aachen (Germany) http://www.rwth-aachen.de/cms/root/Forschung/Angebote-fuer-Forschende/Angebote-fuer-Studierende/UROP/~wmy/UROP-INternational/lidx/1/, Applications accepted: October 5, 2016 – December 15, 2016. The Go Global office is currently available for online advising only. See the Go Global Web site for more information about "Transfer Credit Equivalency Formulas". Health and Social Development Your visa process is based on your citizenship, prior travel, your destination, as well as other personal factors. A list of course equivalencies from our partner universities can be found once you are admitted to Go Global and login to your Portal. Provide the course descriptions in English as well as the language of instruction. Search the Student Reports database for helpful information about overseas experiences written by past UBC Go Global Students. However, many do not offer on-campus accommodation and in some cases, you may be required to find off campus housing on your own. All the while, making connections and friends with people from all over the world was made easy through the tight-knit international community in the city, Reykjavík. Skip to main content Search UBC Search Some universities are well-known for certain departments or faculties; think about what you’re interested in learning about, and find a university that can help you meet that goal. The following are exceptions to this rule; if an exception applies to you and you would like to apply to two placements, speak with the Go Global office at least two weeks prior to the application deadline. With a Course Request Form, you will need to provide basic course information (course number, title, credit hours, etc. Students are permitted to do either a one term or two term exchange. Before you apply, you should have a general idea of the type of courses you plan to take during your exchange and how they will fit into your UBC degree. Credit equivalencies are determined by the Registrar's Office in collaboration with Go Global. Details will be published on the Go Global website by October or November. ECE students have the option to work on exciting research projects in laboratories at our partner universities, under the supervision of world-class researchers. As a (normally) frequent traveller and dual-citizen of Canada and the United Kingdom, I am well aware of some of the unique challenges and obstacles that students may encounter both when considering whether to go and while on exchange. I feel the Go Global staff are a bit bias, I mean their job to facilitate foreign exchange, so I'm hoping to get some firsthand knowledge by making this thread. Also check to see what subject areas the university offers – they may offer unique courses not offered at UBC – take advantage of this. Programs include academic exchanges, group study programs, and research and service-learning. I have a serious love of traveling, reading, and lifelong learning. Being able to explore my passion for travelling and immersing myself in new cultures has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I spent my one-semester exchange at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland filling the ARTS elective credit requirements for my Zoology degree. Keep in mind that we must receive the official transcript from your partner university before the credit can be added onto your record. What if my loan certificates are sent directly to UBC? UBC credits are based on semester hours of scheduled class time. How can I talk to other students who have gone on exchange? ... Go Global is the place to start your study abroad journey! explore your ECE degree from a different perspective and gain access to courses you would not have access to at UBC 2. get an edge in the workforce If your loan certificates are sent directly to UBC (Ontario, Newfoundland), fax or email your Off-Campus Document Request form to Student Services. Having completed two degrees at UBC Okanagan (BA and BEd), I know how easy it is to find reasons not to go on exchange and am passionate about encouraging students to take advantage of the opportunity to go on exchange while they can (speaking from experience of someone who did not take the opportunity to go abroad and regrets it on regular occasion). We find that students who have done extensive research benefit the most from the entire exchange experience (from before they apply to integrating back to UBC). This formula is used to calculate the total number of UBC credits that you can receive for courses taken during your exchange. Introduce yourself to new people and don’t hide in your dorm room! Go Global follows all decisions approved by UBC and contacts affected students as soon as information is available. Alternatively, a selection of virtual summer programs will be available for summer 2021. My program is very focused. I studied in Amsterdam for one semester, from August-December 2019. Similarly, a University of Nottingham course might transfer as 2.5 UBC credits, which we'll round to 3 in most cases -- or, if you take two 2.5-credit courses, you'll wind up with 5 UBC credits. For this reason, we ask that students provide us with your top three choices and carefully consider their second and third choices. Alternatively, you may choose to stay with family or friends. I fully believe that studying overseas is what you make it, so go abroad with an open mind and say yes to experiences no matter how scary they might sound at first. If you are a current UBC student, and you’re interested in Go Global programs, include some relevant information like the type of program or region of the world you’re interested in. UBC’s comprehensive global services help pharmaceutical and biotech clients prove their products’ effectiveness, safety and value. The decision to cancel outbound international travel for students is approved by the Office of the Provost and Vice President Academic based on recommendations offered by the Vice Provost International Office. Yes. All documents relating to the Go Global application must be submitted online by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the deadline. Contact the appropriate advisor in your department or faculty. We currently have very few co-op placement opportunities with our overseas partner institutions so speak with your co-op advisor first. A relatively undeveloped part of the country because of the rough terrain, but which contains some of the most incredible sights in Iceland. I’m currently working on my PhD with a focus in overseas short-term programs. Students who require special accommodation should contact a Go Global advisor regarding their needs at least six weeks prior to the application deadline. We consider eligibility requirements and the availability at partner universities when matching students to opportunities. Go Global develops and facilitates international learning opportunities for UBC students and manages the Student Safety Abroad Registry. Should your Go Global program be cancelled due to the pandemic, you will be notified in time to make alternate arrangements. Exchange transfer credit counts as credit earned at UBC. My goal as your Go Global Advisor is to help you have the best exchange experience possible while ensuring you meet all requirements for graduation. Please contact us by email, including your student number, to book a virtual appointment. UBC staff and faculty who are involved in the delivery and administration of learning abroad programs through Go Global (Exchange and Group study Programs) and programs managed by some UBC faculties. Can I still participate in my selected Summer Abroad program even if UBC decides to cancel? In the end, it’s up to the faculty at UBC to determine the year level of your courses. An exchange program can serve as the opportunity to demonstrate the problem solving, intercultural and language skills that you have acquired while completing your degree. Our programs include Exchange, Summer Programs, Research and Global Seminar programs. Graduate students at any one of our Go Global exchange partner universities can apply to come to UBC as an exchange student to conduct term-based coursework. Students who are selected to participate remain registered at UBC; pay only their regular tuition or program fees and student fees to UBC; and remain eligible for UBC awards, scholarships, and financial aid. A credit equivalency formula exists for each partner university. Talking this through with someone is often a good strategy as it helps you clarify your goals. The Go Global office is currently available for online advising only. How can I make sure my courses transfer? While we may round up or down the total credit value, you cannot receive more than the total taken. What kind of accommodation do the universities you’ve researched offer? Go Global; Last update: February 11, 2020. I am applying to multiple regions. If there are none, it’s likely a lower-level course. For program requirements, contact your departmental advisor; for faculty requirements, contact the central faculty advising office. The maximum number of credits you can earn on exchange is equivalent to the total number of credits you took while on exchange and applied to the specific equivalency formula. Education Supply a rough translation of the course description and enter this into the “Detailed course description in English” field in the Course Request Form. Also trying and failing to cook. Contact Student Services for details. If you choose to apply to graduate school you will be required to provide transcripts from all prior institutions attended, including those you attended while on exchange. Go Global has partner universities in over 35 countries, but some of our partners offer programs and courses that will complement and enhance your UBC International Economics degree. The University of British Columbia is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world. ), a syllabus, and a description for each course you take on exchange. If you are already accepted into a co-op program, please speak with your co-op advisor to determine whether or not you can balance a co-op and an exchange program. You can explore all of Go Global’s partner institutions by visiting Go Global’s partner pages, or see below for a list of universities that have been recommended by the IR program. In this case, an appeal is not required. The people that I met and the memories that I made will last a lifetime and I am so excited to be involved this year as an ambassador for Go Global! Graduate students are assessed their regular program fee while on exchange. For each partner university, you can find a list of pre-reviewed courses that you can take at each institution. Is the course an “Introduction to” course? Email: goglobal.okanagan@ubc.ca. Note that Go Global will only be available by e-mail or Zoom appointments until further notice. It is now easier than ever for students in electrical and computer engineering to Go Global through structured exchange pathways. Go Global. Do not assume that a fellow student’s process will be the same for yours. Complete this form and give it to your POA. If a cancellation is required, Go Global will share information and options with students as early as possible to allow time for making alternate plans. Contact past students through the Go Global Student Directory. All successfully completed academic courses will transfer back to your UBC degree. When I’m not studying, my passions include photography, playing soccer, listening to Taylor Swift’s music, attempting to write novels and telling everyone that I went on exchange to Scotland. Some universities have homestay programs. If you have paper course syllabi, type out the required course information into the appropriate field. become globally aware, grow and develop as a person, and gain cross-cultural understanding. What if my course descriptions are in a language other than English? If it does, it’s likely a lower-level course. The health and safety of UBC students is at the core of any decision made to cancel student travel internationally. We will evaluate your transfer credit request based on the total number of credits you took at your host university to ensure that you receive the maximum number of credits. Prepare a budget to help determine how much it will cost to study abroad. How your credits transfer back to your degree can vary and is dependent on how they are articulated. Research placements for Summer 2017 are available at the following academic partners: UBC Go Global link: http://students.ubc.ca/career/international-experiences/research-abroad/science-and-engineering-summer-research-programme, Applications accepted: December 15, 2016 – March 1, 2017, UBC Go Global link: http://students.ubc.ca/career/international-experiences/research-abroad/summer-undergraduate-research-programme-surp, Applications accepted: December 1, 2016 – January 30, 2017.