Life Coaching

Need help getting past your road block in life? Or want to become a life coach? I am here to help you push past these barriers and help fulfill your life needs.


Do you want to learn more about what Life Coaching is, and how it can help you create the life of your dreams?

If you have a dream that you’re struggling to make a reality, and you’re making slow, painful progress, or no progress at all...

Or if you’re not sure what would make you happy, but you know that the life you’re living now is sucking the life, joy and inspiration out of you...

Or if you have a soul-sucking job, an unhappy love life, limited finances, bad health, or a lifestyle that you’re unhappy with, and you want to change that, but you aren’t sure how...

...then you’re in the right place. Because life coaching is more than just the same tired, old, ineffective set of techniques, advice and requirements that you’ve probably heard and tried to use before. It’s the process by which you learn to harness the invisible principles of success; the ones that govern whether ANY endeavor is going to succeed or fail.

I know the secrets that successful people use to create the lives, love and income they desire – and what’s more, I know that those secrets can be used by ANYONE. No matter what you’re trying to create, and what you have to work with, these principles WILL work for you... if you know them and put them to use.

Control your life

Do you think your situation is so tough that these secrets won’t work for you? Consider this: when I was 18 years old...

I was told that I was going to DIE.

Back when I was a teenager, there was no such thing as a kidney transplant. So when the doctors discovered that one of my kidneys had been utterly destroyed, and the other was 50% ruined, it was a death sentence.

I had only 6 months to live. At best.

At the time, I thought there was no hope for me. My condition was incurable, and I was going to die.

But then, while I was lying in my hospital bed, a woman approached me and told me something that changed my life forever. She said,

Mary, everything is created twice. In fact, you already know this. Everyone knows it. You just don’t know the power of knowing it. The bed you’re [laying] in, the nightgown you’re wearing, the sheets covering you, the wall, the ceiling, all this machinery, it was first a thought before it could become a thing.”

She went on to explain to me that everything that comes into being starts with a thought. Just as thinking about embarrassing things makes our cheeks turn red, and thinking about something frightening makes our hearts race, the way we think about our life causes tangible effects in our circumstances.

Then she asked me a question that changed my life.

“Could you believe that we could say a prayer that would sweep all of the toxicity in your body into your bad kidney, and when the doctors remove it, all of the toxicity in your body will be removed with it?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “But maybe anything is possible.”

“That’s all we need,” she replied. “One corner of your mind open to the possibility.”

She prayed over me, and left... and the next day, the doctors removed my ruined kidney, and told me that the less damaged one wasn’t as bad as they had originally thought. Only time would tell, they said, but it gave me hope.

Over the next few days, I miraculously healed. My health just kept getting better and better, until I was completely cured.

Needless to say, this caught my attention in a HUGE way. If a girl with a death sentence could be cured within weeks, what else could these principles create in my life and the lives of the people around me?

life coach comfort zone

That is why I decided to become a life coach. And it’s also why I’m passionate about teaching you the principles that can change your life, so that you CAN create and experience ANYTHING your heart desires, no matter how impossible it seems!

Is this something you want in your life?

If you’d like to see if I’m the right fit to coach you, I invite you to fill out the form below.

But if you have any further questions, please keep reading, because I’m going to explain how this type of coaching works, and answer a lot of the questions that people frequently ask.


“What is a Life Coach?”

knowledge empowers life coaching

A life coach is someone who helps you to:

1. Get clear on what will make you happy.

If you aren’t sure what would bring you joy, a coach can help you to discover the root of your present unhappiness, and find out exactly what will bring you real, lasting delight.

Whether it’s discovering the type of job that will make you happy, or getting a clear picture of what kind of relationship you want, or clarifying your dream in any other area of life, getting a precise idea of what you want will help you know what actions you need to take in order to create a life you love.

2. Form a concrete, actionable plan, and gives you the secrets to making sure it succeeds.

Once you know what you want, whether you already know it right now or you discover it during your coaching session, your coach will help you to determine the course of action that will bring you to that goal. And, more importantly, they’ll teach you about the invisible laws that govern whether or not you will succeed.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that some people seem to be able to create success almost effortlessly, even if their goals initially seemed impossible, whereas others continue to struggle for years without making headway. What’s the difference?

The difference is, the successful ones use the infallible laws of the universe in their favor, while the ones who stay stuck ignore these laws or accidentally use them against themselves.

A good life coach can explain to you how these principles work, and how to make sure that they’re working FOR you instead of against you.

3. Discover the obstacles that are secretly holding you back

I’ll use an example to explain this one. Let’s say Cassandra wants to attract a strong, mature, supportive man, but the only men who are interested in her are needy, clingy boys.

Cassandra is frustrated by this, so she decides to try working with a coach. As they work together, they discover that Cassandra tends to automatically take a ‘caretaker’ role with the men she meets, coddling them and trying to protect them from everything, and spending more time on the people who ‘need’ her than the ones who don’t.

Because of this, mature men are put off by her motherly demeanor, and even when she does meet a good, strong man who’s interested in her, she doesn’t make time to be around him, because she’s too busy fulfilling her ‘obligations’ to the people who ‘need’ her.

Once she becomes aware of this, the coach helps her to stop acting like a mother to the men she meets, and start allowing men to take care of her instead of being so independent that the men who want to support her feel unneeded. She also starts spending less time on needy people, and freeing up her schedule so she has time for the men she wants to be around.

In the same way, a coach can help you notice the ways in which you’re repelling the things you desire, and show you how to shift your thinking and habits so you attract the people and things you want instead.

“Is a Life Coach Like a Self-help Book?”

Not really.

Unlike self-help books, life coaches don’t give you one-size-fits-all advice, or a pile of information that you’re left to digest and implement on your own. Instead, we help you to create a personalized plan, and support you through every step of the journey as you put it into action.

We also provide accountability, which helps you stay “in action” even when you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated.

That way, instead of getting a lot of advice, not knowing how to use it all, and putting it on the shelf, you can get all your questions answered, start taking action right away, and make fast, consistent progress toward the life of your dreams.

“Is Life Coaching Like Therapy?”

While a coach can help you to heal from the wounds of your past, that isn’t all we do. We also help you create the future you desire, and to stop repeating the patterns that cause you to get hurt, so you can stop accumulating wounds and start creating the life you want to live… a life you’d LOVE.

Mary Morrissey Life Coach

“What Kinds of Problems Does a Life Coach Solve?”

The universal laws of success are just that – universal. Just like gravity pulls everything, the laws we teach apply to any problem you’re struggling with, whether it’s...

  • A soul-sucking job you want to leave, but you’re afraid of ending up broke in the process
  • An unhappy or nonexistent love life
  • An ongoing struggle to make ends meet, when you’d rather be creating wealth
  • Chronic illness or repeated, mysterious health problems
  • Confusion about your true purpose, and a feeling of being aimless and uninspired
  • A busy, stressful lifestyle, and a to-do list that never seems to get smaller
  • Feelings of victimhood, despair, self-criticism, fear and self-doubt that hold you back from creating the life of your dreams
  • Or anything else that’s keeping you unhappy, stuck, or living a life that’s less than you desire.

“What Benefits Do I Get From Working with a Life Coach?”

When you know how to use the invisible, infallible, universal principles of success, everything becomes easier.

The people, circumstances, abilities and resources you desire come to you easily, because all of your inner power is turned toward attracting them instead of working against your growth or being limited by fears, doubts, or a lack of knowledge.

The Law of Attraction works in your favor, so instead of attracting a parade of problems, challenges and limitations, you start to attract blessings and successes that never seemed possible before.

Difficulties that have been repeating themselves in your life for years finally go away, and once you know how to create the circumstances you desire instead of the ones you don’t want, you’ll be equipped to create ANYTHING you want in your life, anytime you want it.

Whether you’re looking to create...

  • A profitable business or career that centers around your purpose and passion
  • A loving soul-mate relationship with a mature, sexy, supportive spouse
  • Vibrant health and an attractive body that you LOVE living in
  • A lifestyle you love waking up to in the morning
  • Or anything else that you’ve been struggling for years to make real’ll learn how to make it a reality, faster than you ever thought possible.

“How Does the Life Coaching Process Work?”

Different coaches have different methods, but our process involves weekly videos and/or audios, with workbooks to go with them, and weekly coaching calls that help you to put the material in the videos and audios to use.

Life Coaching Program Retreat

Each week, you would watch a video or listen to an audio, complete any exercises that are involved, and then put that week’s teachings into action. If any questions come up while you’re going through the material or working on an action step, you can bring them up on the coaching call to get personalized advice.

If this system doesn’t work for you, there are other methods available – I invite you to check out my catalog, or fill out the form below and ask a member of my team to tell you about the options we offer.


“How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?”

Life coaches with various backgrounds and careers often offer several packages, ranging from less than a hundred dollars to a few thousand. Which one you choose will depend on your needs and budget – if you’d like to get an idea of what I offer, you can look at my catalog or scroll up a bit and fill out the form below.

“What if I Don’t Have Time for a Life Coach?”

In my 30 years of coaching people, I’ve discovered that we always have more time than we think – we just don’t know how to free up that time. And that’s one thing that a coach can help you do.

Everyone has the same number of hours in a day. So how is it that some people manage to run businesses, take care of their families, and still have the ability to take ‘me time’ for themselves, while others can barely manage one of those things?

I’ve been doing the former for years, and I’d love to show you how!

But what about in the meantime? While you’re still learning how to free up your time, are you going to get overwhelmed in the interim?

Let me share another secret I’ve discovered: we have time for the things that we make time for.

If you felt yourself having a heart attack right now, I’m sure you would somehow find a way to make time to go to the emergency room. Maybe a few of your other tasks would slide, but surprisingly enough... that wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Are you prepared to prioritize your dreams, your future, and your happiness, the way you would prioritize a heart attack? It turns out, the two are equally important; surviving your whole life without ever living the life you want is the same as a slow death.

A coach can show you how to prioritize your tasks so that the things you truly need to do get done, but you’re no longer wasting your precious life on things that don’t bring you growth, wealth or happiness. I can also show you how to make the tasks you’re already doing take less time, so you actually SAVE more time by working with me than you spend on my coaching.

“How Long Does it Take for a Coach to Get Results?”

That largely depends on you. A certified coach can show you how to use the principles of success and create an action plan to build the life of your dreams. But how much action you take, how fast you take it, and how consistently you apply the principles you learn, is entirely up to you.

How fast is it POSSIBLE to start getting results? Here are a couple of people I’ve worked with – I’ll let them do the talking.

“Do I Need a Life Coach?”

If you still aren’t sure whether you need a coach, see if any one of these is showing up in your life:

  • You feel unhappy, unfulfilled and uninspired, and you aren’t sure what would bring you joy
  • The same problem or set of problems is repeating itself over and over in your life
  • You have a dream or goal that you desperately want to accomplish, but no matter how hard you work for it, it always seems to be out of reach
  • The life you desire seems impossible under your circumstances
  • You’re buried under a to-do list full of things that you really DON’T want to do
  • Your lifestyle is leaving you burned out, unhappy, and unfulfilled
  • You’re struggling to attract love into your life, and feel lonely, unwanted and unsupported as a result
  • You long for a more loving, harmonious family, with a spouse and kids who make you feel supported, respected and cherished

If any of these is true for you, a coach can help you overcome the obstacles in your path, and create the life that you’ve been longing to live.

“How do I Choose a Life Coach?”

There are a lot of good coaches out there, but not all of them have the training or skills to help you.

John life coaching career

Here are a few of the must-haves you should look for in a coach. If they don’t have all of these qualifications, look for a coach who does.

1. Their teaching methods should have a system for learning, a system for implementation, and a system for support.

Many teachers ONLY have a system for learning, and this sets their students and clients up for failure. You see, without a system for implementation, coaching is little better than a self-help book, because it doesn’t tell you how to put its teachings to use.

You end up understanding the principles in theory, but without a practical system for implementing them in your life, they become ‘shelf-help’, something you put on the back burner and never actually get around to using in a way that creates change.

And you need a system for support, because your subconscious mind will always fear change. It will use doubts, distractions, fear, discouragement, and any method it can come up with to make things stay the same.

Think about the people who start working on their dreams, only to give up partway through. These people were probably trying to go it alone, thinking their willpower could pull them through, only to discover that it wasn’t enough.

2. You like their teaching style.

If you don’t resonate with your teacher’s style, you won’t be able to learn from them. They could give you the best advice in the world, but if you don’t enjoy working with them, part of your brain will automatically shut off, and you won’t be able to fully absorb or implement anything they say.

3. They or their methods have a proven record of success

Many people don’t realize what it takes to be a life coach, so they start up a business only to discover that they don’t really understand how to coach their clients.

I have over 30 years of experience in helping people create the lives of their dreams, and my past clients are happy to share the stories of their success!

“How can I learn more about you and work with you?”

To help you get a better idea of who I am, what I’ve accomplished, and what I’m all about, I’ll give you a quick look at my bio here:

Mary speaking

“A globally renowned teacher in the human-potential movement, Mary Morrissey is the author of two best-selling books: “No Less Than Greatness”, and “Building Your Field of Dreams”, which became a PBS special. She has spoken 3 times at the United Nations, and facilitated 3 different week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. For over 3 decades, Mary has empowered individuals to achieve new heights of spiritual aliveness, wealth, success and authentic happiness through her coaching and speaking. Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and an honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters. She is the president and founder of LifeSOULutions, a versatile, international company providing programs, seminars and products that transform dreams into reality.”

If you want to get in touch and see whether I’m the right person to coach you, I invite you to fill out the form below. A member of my team will contact you, and together you’ll explore what you need, what coaching options are available, and whether you and I are a good fit for each other.


Thank you for taking action to create the life of your dreams!

To YOUR success and happiness,