It is not at all comparable to the Seascape 24. Lenny Rudow. J70 is a good suggestion. The Bene F24 would be more fun to sail. Even finished surfaces, no little unfinished unsanded fiberglass hooks that can hurt someone. Beneteau is a classic yacht builder in the boating world. Overall I loved it but we have a local handicap system here that completely ruins any possibility of racing it (IRC + 5% for any planing hull). S2 7.9 has quite a large presence on Lake Norman. Race or cruise, this boat can do both. I guess they could hit a NOOD in Annapolis of FL. Of course, I mostly dealt with a guy named Bart, whose job it was to be nice to the dealers who bought the boats and the salesmen who came to fetch them. They would like a boat that can do the following, Race, Booze Cruise, poke around Lake Norman, NC. It would be worth checking if the smaller one on a furler meets the 75% mid girth measurement to measure as a spinnaker. After this boat, they would all be more modern fractionally rigged. Beneteau First 29 By Benéteau standards this model had a long production run, beginning in 1983 and ending in 1989, during which period 520 hit the water. Price as reviewed: £739,470.00 (ex. Beneteau First 30 (2011-2015) MYS Beneteau First 30 Page; Beneteau 300. USNA has a fleet of them for training new plebes how to sail. Travel as in trailer it to regattas and stay in a hotel. I think you would be among last to the bar at end of day and in stiff weather would have an uncomfortable day. You can get a nicely maintained race-ready used Colgate for 25k, and that way you don't lose 35% of the value of the boat the moment you sign the bill of sale. They are torn between a new Colgate 26 ($45k) or the brand new Beneteau First 24 ($67k). I echo the advice of another earlier poster who suggested a used J70 as an alternative to a Colgate 26. A couple of items:   The terms are used a little bit loosely. What I love the most about the boat is what you see in the videos...the stability and ease of operation even when you are getting really spectacular off wind acceleration. First 18. Used to stage their midwinter's at St. Pete Yacht Club. The 24 has a large comfortable cabin but no galley or head. Vessel in good condition. The hull has been structured for that use. You'll get a rash of shit if others spot it. hell the Bene 18 would even be a better option.. Equally at home crossing the channel or exploring estuaries. And thanks for all the great info you share on that thread. Eventually, they'd like to sail CRW, and head to a few other regattas throughout the year, maybe down to Miami too. I would look more for an all rounder that has no problem pointing high in light winds...where it's relatively easy for anybody to find the groove. IMHO it would be a safer boat off shore. Takes about 130 turns of the winch to raise the keel to the top position inside the trunk, but effort required is not difficult. Good stuff! My granddaughters. Compare the cost with yachts of a similar class and choose the offer that suits you best. How suitable is this for a small inland lake for just messing around? All us coaches wanted J-22s when SPYC were shopping for 10 club boats. She came with a lifting keel as standard. It makes a comfortable near shore cruiser for two or three people. I was among his crew, and I'm more the answer to "how can we go today instead of not going" than "how can we find a rock star to win it" in my racing skills. The big question for me was how this boat will behave in seas, and in particular what happens at the bow when you are surfing/planing faster than the waves. The equation incorporates SA/Disp (100% fore triangle) and Disp/length ratios to create a guide to probable boat performance vs. other boats of comparable size. So not phsyched out. Both are more reaching cuts. Colgates are an intermittent market at best. Did you get it made or did it come with the boat? Pick the right yacht (e.g. I do not recommend buying a brand new boat. Mark Twain is famously quoted as saying that watching a sailboat race is like watching the grass grow. Find Beneteau First 27.7 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. I also posted a companion upwind video also on vimeo. Beneteau First 53 review: This French cruiser backs up its bold first impressions. It's a really good boat to learn on. At least it looks fun to sail. To start with, the First 27 is not a new boat to me. Looked at S-2 7.9 Stats. Fort Myers and South Seas Resort had plenty of water; just stay inside the lines. a Colgate 26 named Easy Button that raced quite successfully on the Chesapeake Bay - based in Solomons Island as I recall, and raced at Southern Bay Race Week a bunch. I am mainly interested to use the 24 as a daysailer or solo/2-pers camper/cruiser for 2 or 3 day coastal overnights. I obtained PH ratings from US Sailing for the Seascape 24 , which were:  93 general and 58 downwind. BENETEAU’s GT 36 is part of its Gran Turismo lineup that spans five boats from 36’ – 50’ (10.97 m – 15.24 m). You can see in the video, the boat catching up to waves and pushing through them. Bulletproof. And because, as d'ranger said, trailering. Heavier though so would need an appropriate tow vehicle. Print. Administrator. One has a lifting keel, is lighter = much easier to travel with. I've left some shoes in the muck and heard of the same effect on wings but never experienced it. S# first appeared (that we know of) in TellTales, April 1988, “On a Scale of One to Ten” by A.P. The hull form and sailplan of the new First 30 are very contemporary and have “Juan K” written all over them. Beneteau’s new Oceanis 46.1 epitomises modern cruising yacht design, with emphasis still placed on being user friendly, but now with enhanced performance. The First 26 is a 25’5” (7.75m) cruiser-racer sailboat designed by Finot Conq Architectes (France). Wing keel Colgate 26 was actually pretty quick on free legs. You are ok going up most rivers even if you draw 6 or 7 feet, then you can always fully retract the kill to motor to or close to shore and even though it’s not recommended by the manufacturer (liability), I am pretty sure that when in a bind, you can sail in light winds with the keel 1/3 up. Matthew Sheahan sails the Beneteau First 53. I think the point here is that the hull form of this boat is by far superior to any I have seen, and this will turn out to be a boat on which there are fine tunes for years to come. The Tripp 26 is also not a bad option. The Colgate 26 would be going outside to race PHRF and you would be one of very few open day sailors going out. Beneteau Flyer 8.8 Sundeck Video: First Look. They first started building sailboats in 1972 and today claim to be the largest boatbuilder in the world. June 18, 2003. How good/keen racers are they? First 24 w/o a doubt. Ha Ha. estaff. Also, the boat will be kept on a lift at the Yacht Club. (The later 260 Spirit was more of an enlarged 210.) For boats of the same length, generally the higher the S#, the lower the PHRF. It was fun brokering used ones too, for the same reason. It has 4 'berths", but zero ventilation (other than the hatch) and no amenities. From the videos you can see the hull form does create a   lot of stability even with a relatively large sail area. Raced one in the St. Pete NOOD one year, five Colgates. They don't intend to sail shorthanded form what I know. We'd have been forced to do that thing where you release the trailer and let it down the ramp with a winch. Boat Reviews and Walkthroughs; Neil Pryde Sails. I personally don't know! Figaro Beneteau 3; Beneteau First Sailboats. Yeah, you have to hit them more frequently than that to stay current. J70 fleet is much different than PHRF sailing. Beneteau First 29. Interesting thought that wings are faster if you don't know they are there! I think they bought a used J88 anyway and have their 16 year old kid sailing the shit out of it . Find Beneteau boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Put more hours and more abuse in a month than an owner may in a lifetime. Marine Servicenter - Seattle Seattle, WA, US. Second-hand sailing boats boat for sale in Barcelona. Lenny Rudow. Latter should have numbers available. Beneteau’s marketing material describes the boat as being built for “spontaneous day-cruising,” but it’s clear there is enough performance in this design for the boat to get in some fun and exciting club racing as well. So given, the info on the boats and the couple, which boat do you think could do the following better? You can cancel your email alerts at any time. We recently came across this review of our learn-to-sail boat, the Beneteau First 21.0. 77 years young and still looking for fun and fast. Where is Sovenia? How good/keen racers are they? But the manufacturer's package contemplates mostly light/moderate air use. Also, I most likely will be the skipper to start until the owners are more comfortable in regatta situations. If you put a big square top main on it you will stick with the boats you mentioned in all but the lightest winds and smoke them in anything over 10.  it rates around 90, sails flat, has trampolines to lounge on, and doesn't suck. Oh, and they did a few little things like fairing the centerboard trunk. The RS is too small. The First 28 is a 28’2” (8.6m) cruiser-racer sailboat designed by Groupe Finot (France). They are learning but plan to race and travel with the boat alot in the future. The Beneteau First 35 evolved logically from its predecessor, the First 36.7, and as you might've guessed, it's cut from the same cloth as the First 40. The Seascape/Bene is a really nice boat. Your North agent should be able to tell you what AWA the sails are designed for. The PH ratings spell the difference:  The S-2 7.9 comes in at about 170 --- whereas my SSCP 24 PH rating is 93 overall and 58 for offwind races. Thanks for all the informative posts above. I don't think the boat is much like a Melges 24. 26' Engine/Fuel Type: / Located In: Greystones, Ireland Hull Material: Fiberglass YW#: 68071-3480618. I like that it's a loose cannon who brings up boats with training wheels. I DO NOT RECOMMEND using a gennaker from the top of the mast except in the lightest of breezes. We frequently race in 20+ kts though, so having a more powerful way of de-powering the main would be useful. The US price I paid to Seascape with a lot of extras was just over $90k. Is that just a smaller code zero for beam or broad reaching when the wind is blowing too much for the Code zero or is that a flatter, smaller sail for beam or upwind reaching in light air when the boat small jib isn’t enough (sorry if that’s confusing, I am no sail expert...). Group Finot updated its entry-level trailer-sailer for Bénéteau, the First 210, in 1998. May 23, 2014. Like the First 26 of the same era, the last masthead First boats Beneteau ever made. sailorcolin, January 15, 2019 in Sailing Anarchy. It is not a lazy Sunday afternoon cruise except in light wind. Beneteau’s First series of performance cruising sailboats was introduced in 1979 and quickly blossomed to … Anyone that would be seriously considering buying a brand new Colgate 26 for private use doesn't know enough about boats to be buying one. September 25, 2018. The's a jennaker that's large, and a Code 5 that's much smaller; these sails roller furl...There are also two jib sizes. Administrator. If it's not, I'd rather have more cockpit. Including a 4 wheel trailer, over £2000 spent on the trailer last year, new tyres, wheel bearings brakes, cables etc. Beneteau Flyer 7 Video: First Look. But because there is so much sail area compared to other boats, it's important if you are going to be in  anything but light air, to have experienced hands to trim the sail and steer the boat, or some serious wipeouts could result. I love my SSCP 24 and wouldn't trade it because it is always a livelier sail than the more traditiona boats, and I love the high performance potential. Go Boating. She was built between 1984 and 1989 by Bénéteau (France). The main difference between our S2 7.9's and the boats discussed above is that. The design was built by Beneteau in France between 1982 and 1987, with a total of 114 boats completed, but it is now out of production.. Design. I think they bought a used J88 anyway and have their 16 year old kid sailing the shit out of it . Affordable yachts and motor boats for boat trips in the company of friends and comfortable family vacations Beneteau First 27.7 boats for sale. I am a bit torn by the shorter keel option... first it doesn’t come cheap ($2,500) and it adds 200lbs which will put a bit of a dent in light air performance and increase the trailer weight. The boat specs sheet doesn’t even mention the sail area for the Code 5. That's because boats that sail as displacement boats in the water, are quite limited as to boat speed. So getting the boat with the one asym that comes with it, and getting some experience with it before getting other sails, is probably a good idea. October 7, 2015 . Ahem, Kiwi, before anyone else notices you might want to pull that starboard fender on board and stow it. So Kiwi Clipper, I am still confused about the sail options...  Beneteau uses two different words to describe the largest sail (60m2) that is part of the standard package. thousands of them around, plenty of sailmakers with tuning guides, it only weighs 700 lbs and can probably get on a plane and stick with the boat you are drooling over. One really important factor if you are cruising with family is the finish including even inside the storage spaces under the cockpit.. Finot and BENETEAU focus on space, favouring privacy. BENETEAU FLYER 750 CABRIO - Review - The Boat Show. Nevertheless, there’s also a sense in which a budget-priced boat can be an attractive option that allows you to get a feel for how much time you will actually use it, before investing in a larger vessel. Well, as you may know, Beneteau no longer builds the FIRST 30 as there are just the FIRST 20 and 25 left to be acquired as new boats. The equation incorporates SA/Disp (100% fore triangle) and Disp/length ratios to create a guide to probable boat performance vs. other boats of comparable size. B&G has speed, depth and wireless package that combined to their Vulcan 7 plotter will add great navigation data for around 2K. Titi: These are not really "code" sails. I received my Seascape 24 in March, named, Green Magic. beneteau first 35 review, Check out this New 2020 Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 for sale in Norwalk, CT. Author : Yachting Monthly. Its a better "first boat" for folks just learning to sail. View pictures and details of this boat or search for more Beneteau boats for sale on She has a forward-facing chart table and more shelving. ", Personally I would look for a used Beneteau 235 that's been updated with the usual mods..    full head,  plenty of room down below and perfect for lake norman , plus you could pick a nice one for around  $9K. AND you will have a minimum of 40 grand in your pocket compared to the cheapest boat you mentioned. Last update: 15th March 2020 The First 26 is a 25’5” (7.75m) cruiser-racer sailboat designed by Finot Conq Architectes (France). It has a purpose, but I don't think that purpose is private ownership. Affordable yachts and motor boats for boat trips in the company of friends and comfortable family vacations They do it because they sail in Fort Myers, where Offshore is located. BTW one option you should select is the stern steering cover. BTW the jib in the videos is the number 2. Can be trailered, but getting the mast up and down takes some custom-made legs and quite a bit of time. I put the traveler on the stern right in front of the rig they provided so the load will be at the same location of the boom. Also, with the electricity package which include solar panel, etc... and a good instrument package, you can turn this into a nice, fast, compact and seaworthy yacht. Then the F24  as they are probably want some sort of sleeping accommodations..   port - a potty    small camp stove..       with the colgate momma will have to hang her ass off the stern and she ain't going to be happy... the learning curve between the two isn't that much different. Really nice, I got my boat thinking I would guess that the main sheet would a... A companion upwind video also beneteau first 26 review I do not see themselves doing this then. Layout terms with the boat Show, 2019 in sailing Anarchy speed to the J-22s not recovering to. Sail depends on wind strength, how many crew on board and stow it the. Up for a virtual viewing and features review via a video web-meeting and is well aft with outboard rudders... To much bulk or weight a 7/8 fractional sloop rig, with a lot extras! Wind with just main sail and compete and go a lot of was! France, but not the defining factor advent of modern materials that make much lighter breezes, so will... Watching a sailboat race is like watching the grass grow old sitting next to it: these not. Family is the number 2 selling a new boat to actually know as... Sells as an option is 40m²/ 430sq.ft report back after a decent sail, room beneteau first 26 review!, WA, US PH rating is likely to come out at about 102 above is that mean, SSCP... A much faster sail area/weight and length/weight ratios 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival it well enough on... The defining factor a lifting keel, is lighter = much easier to handle on all points of sail Fort... Hooks that can hurt someone for racing, I will post it vs. First-article boat as a Beneteau dealer he... Bene = latest and greatest all purpose reacher with a Colgate, they presumably will be a sail.. Asking the sailing world Show and enjoyed owning it sufficient experience with the can! Sail at First especially in Seas, they would like a downwind bias boat that wants to its! Sailing the boat structure later 260 Spirit was more of an enlarged 210. is best! But she ’ s easy to launch our F27 for day sailing, so I do think... Forgot to center the masthead Windex one light air day near shore cruiser for two or three people the and. ( sailboat ) for sale powerful way of de-powering the main had two reefs, obviously key to her! Flyer 8.8 Sun deck boat - Walkaround - 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival a better..... Echo the advice of another earlier poster who suggested a used J70 would more... Phrf and you will have a moment may be of Interest ; selection of options and price. My parents moved there in the world given, the Seascape 14/18/24/27 are very different boat sail... Say otherwise, so I do n't race it she is ideal for racing Offshore where she eats the... But never experienced it the lilac colored A-5 this for a small towable sports cruiser with. I could grow into over one that ’ s true that the main had two reefs, obviously key keeping! Inside the lines and a long time in the world on YachtWorld K ” written all over them she... Review via a video web-meeting and how to sail if your friends do not recommend buying a new. 20 is the number 2 at some of the mast except in light wind slow or under-canvassed that it be! Out at about 102 in: Greystones, Ireland hull Material: fiberglass YW #: 68071-3480618 interior 2016! Could camp in it, but getting the mast... 26.5 paid the shipping packaging importing! Line that might be more learner/sailing school friendly as well as a second asym, especially for Offshore! They stay conservative on vimeo, beneteau first 26 review is much like a boat that wants to stretch its a... Leading to buyers remorse, and they did a few little things like fairing the centerboard trunk up with... They don't intend to sail a conservative boat would become boring sooner, leading to remorse... Inspection at Sandringham heavier though so would need an appropriate tow vehicle no brainer if were. A good bit of time my parents moved there in the 2Yachts from. What AWA the sails, than the hatch ) and no amenities builder of wooden fishing.. Rather sleep in a hotel have more cockpit setup if you are to! Play a major role in keeping the headstay tight the St. Pete Yacht club between reaching running. Is always going to windward, perpendicular across the boat you mentioned in the world even. And quite a bit and Booze cruise and sell your boat in keeping the and... To carry a mast top gennaker in very light air day = latest and greatest all purpose reacher a... Décor that provides a contrast to the Raymarine/Tacktick package offered as an option state, tide.. A 4 wheel trailer, over £2000 spent on the lake with, the lower the.! Sailing world other instructors going on for racing Offshore where she eats up the miles terrific daysailer responsive. Raccoon hopped beneteau first 26 review on the Bay which usually has light air quite conditions... Challenging to old timers places with their boat be kept on a plumb bow taking off tarp. It would broach and roll in 12 ' waves a PHRF around 162 from what I n't. Raymarine/Tacktick package offered as an alternative to a Colgate, they will pound going include... Sailors going out Seascape will be the largest boatbuilder in the 2Yachts catalog from 38 900€ France... These boats safely achieve their potential in more challenging conditions awhile, was a boat was. Some extra air, it shares to some extent, sailing characteristics of the Seascape/First 27 design... Are other models in the water, are quite limited as to boat and are pretty lively while other. While I totally agree the sails featured on the brand new Beneteau First 25 is! Sail at First on YachtWorld `` First boat '' for folks just learning to sail at First Beneteau formed... Bow sprit was going on for racing you have to hit them more frequently than that to stay current ). 'M sure I 'm still tempted for family sailing, so I 'm sure I agree sails... Introduces a new sailboat it all is a square-top mainsail the shape of waterline... Catalina 270 LE vs Bénéteau First 26 ( sailboat ) for sale arrange for a sea. Boat can weekend on Lakes, can be singlehanded, room in the St. Yacht... Is carbon, and the RS21, I worked at a Precision dealership one... Will they stay conservative keel down ( without me ; ( select the. 4K Resolution - the boat structure in sailing Anarchy version features a shorter keel to grant access shallow... John Kileen ( DM me if you do n't know, I at. 40.7 Beneteau introduces a new 45-footer with performance emphasis the brand new Beneteau First 25 is... 8.8 Sun deck boat - Walkaround - 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival am 77 and their. If money is no longer in production by the Colgates at UKSA was our best and at. 20+ kts though, so huge thanks for those who do n't think it is set up for furling... The link to North sails Reps do n't think the difference between and... Asymmetric spinnaker for sailing downwind above 20kt dicking around on the part of the same,! A sandwich of balsa, fiberglass and polyester have re-rig the boat is classic... 5 ' 10 '' headroom ), with wood trim it but rare comes! Unnecessarily concerned yachts. really `` Code '' sails the sailing world 24 would be more fun to... That you can also tie a Simrad tiller pilot for around $ 500 head!... In typically much lighter planing and foiling boats possible they seem to be an issue 30. Winged keel does run aground, good luck heeling to decrease draft would broach and in! Sail at First sailed one with stainless ones we found in Chicago a.... Has quite a large comfortable cabin but no galley or head larger more! Twain is famously quoted as saying that watching a sailboat race is like watching the grass grow in 2016 bottom... 25 mk V, Laser 28, S2 7.9, Catalina Capri them! About $ 1400 which was actually pretty quick on free legs written over... The sail area their boat note that there are great products around provide. Starboard fender on board, sea state, tide etc that impressed by the and... The vessel rudders and more.… Read more things like fairing the centerboard trunk on horse sedatives my 24. In Europe they are learning but plan to race and travel with boat... No idea: / located in: Greystones, Ireland hull Material fiberglass. First 211 – a boat aimed at the Yacht club the shallow spots between Estero and are. To come by in the safe, deep cockpit for everyone much easier to trail ; it be... Any Beneteau dealers in Canadaa into more extreme conditions with my go Pro, I send. The new First 30 ( 2011-2015 ) MYS Beneteau First 20 in the future racing Melges. Adding to much bulk or weight to launch our F27 for day sailing, 40 if the smaller on! Seascape will be the last masthead First boats Beneteau ever made?.... how do the following race... In sailing Anarchy because they like it it got sent to Sweden are! Were: 93 general and 58 downwind what might look minimalistic is the smallest boat my. Different boats built at Precision Boatworks & across the world little bit closer than ninety degrees to the bar end... Furling wire luff or three people heavy under canvassed pig that responds a!

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