I'm of the belief that chain lube of any sort will attract grit, dirt etc, i run X ring chains & get what i think is good life out of them. Yeah, for sure on KTMs; perfect for those times you want to put a match to them. Rome's article cites some drivetrain friction testing done by CeramicSpeed. You apply these lubricants like you would a normal drip lube. However, researchers who have studied friction and power losses of bicycle chain lubricants have found that 3-IN-ONE is an above-average chain lubricant, and even out-performs some specialty bike lubes. Why the wax? He conducts a large amount of testing on chain durability (which he argues should be generally correlated with drivetrain friction, i.e. Parafin wax vs wet lube for bike chain lubrication? My answer will be nowhere near the quality of the answer above. You don’t need an ultrasound, just stir the chain to agitate. All lube must be stripped off. Things are becoming clearer already. I looked further into it and apparently there is. × In the end there is no free lunch, there is always more maintenance in winter. RocRide EPIX All-Purpose Bike Chain Lube. But you might want to avoid wax when lubing the chain on your high-end road bike or your race bike. When parking the bike, it gradually thickens. it enables the two substances to mix). In addition, it matters what friction modifiers are included with the wax. The slope of the regression lines indicates the wear rate, with the shaded region indicating the 95% confidence region for the regression line. Using oil based lubes will always collect gunk and grit, which is a pain, but using a good light oil and saturating your chain with it will keep your chain quiet, which means less wear. Viscous drag should be caused by objects moving in fluid. When left to settle, it gradually thickens. Racers need something more temporary made of wax [like Molten speed wax] and PTFE. Russell Eich / Immediate Media. Typically torrential down pour conditions on gravel tracks I get about four one way commutes (about 100 km) before I swap chains. I also use master a link, which I tend to reuse a number of times before replacing. In a Shimano interview, it is specifically said it is a grease not a wax: Just speaking based on the chains I have installed. Bikinvention is a corporation that has developed a wax chain lubricant with unique properties called Squirt Chain Lube®. The choice of any bike chain lube is personal. Buy now: Smoove Universal Chain Lube at Amazon US for $14.95. White graphite (hBN) a worthwhile chain lube? The suggested friction modifiers include PTFE, the same substance used on non-stick cookware, and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). I found it significantly better than other oil based lubes. Recall that an emulsion is defined as a mixture of two liquids that do not normally mix. [mention=1906]Marko_FE250[/mention] how did you prep n wash your chain? after a ride in the rain or off-road), you should swish it in boiling water first. Chain must be removed from the bike to re-wax, More paraphernalia required (e.g., slow cooker, wax, gloves, solvents, jars). I've always used Motul Chain Oil on my trail bike - so is chain wax something that can be used on a dirt bike like a MTB. This lube is best used only for road commuting. Wend Bike Chain Wax Kit. In my experience, they will literally clump up into waxy balls of dirt and fall off. If pushed out, it won't replenish like oil does. Lubricants tend to fall into one of two main categories: wet or dry. Morgan Blue Race Oil is a really good option for general riding … The contaminants seem not to stick permanently to the wax. This makes re-lubing as easy as swapping a chain. Realistically nothing you do is going to stop chains going as any sort of sticky lubricant is going to attract dust/dirt and turn it into grinding paste. GRAPHENlube ® – World’s first hydrocarbon-based (wax) chain lubricant containing Graphene. The key to titanium cutting fluids is chloride ( or halide) . I leave it to dry and then lube it. Smith agrees it has good lubricity, but he argues that is likely has high stiction and viscous drag, plus it attracts external contaminants. I've switched from oil lube to this one: www.squirtlube.com (not an advert, just an experience). The description reads: Maxima Chain Wax is a superior power spray lubricant designed for all chain care needs. Most wanted lube by Pro riders. Then i decided to take my chain off & soak it in chainsaw chain lube for a few days  & hang it up for 2 days to drip off. Why doesn't the UK Labour Party push for proportional representation? If unscientific observation from an old duffer has any value, read on. They accelerate chain wear by forming a grinding paste or lapping compound. And if you don't clean the chain sufficiently, the wax won't adhere properly. I typically keep my re-waxing wax separate from my first time wax which is pristine. Any remaining dirt tends to fall out of the chain as you mix the pot, settling on the bottom. Can I be a good scientist if I only work in working hours? Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. I discussed this in a previous SE answer. EVERYTHING. Chains seem to like it. Lower wear rates. One of those is the Maxima Chain Wax Spray. I'm happy with it - in summer I've done some xc races, sometimes in lots of mud - this lube performed much better than oil: less friction and less mud on the chain. Can Tortles receive the non-AC benefits from magic armor? anything with carbon-hydrogen bonds) that are malleable solids at ambient temperature. On net, solid waxes should have lower friction than drip lubes. A dry lube is applied as a liquid, before drying out to the leave the chain covered in the lubricating e… Molten Speed Wax is a US-based company that sells chain wax. Speedmaster Wax Bicycle Chain Lube - Special formula allows the wax to stays on chain longer. The Ultimate bicycle chain lubricant. I remember using Dukhams on chains in the 70's but didn't really think it was worth it, & with X & O ring chains now i can't see the need for a grease. And unfortunately, dirt can stick to the lubed chain, and the dirt can get inside the rollers. I don't say this to cast doubt on the arguments. Gears and chain-rings are not. With dry lubes this doesn’t really matter as any excess will just fall off the chain. Best to lube the chain after a ride as the chain is warmed up and best time to allow whatever you're using to lubricate the rollers...the x/o-rings are sealed so the lubricant doesn't really penetrate the plates. Tri-Flow TF0021060 Superior Lubricant. This means that you have rough surfaces sliding on each other as you pedal and as the chain articulates. Generally wax based lubes (here, I’m not talking about dipping your chain in hot paraffin wax, but of liquid lubes with wax in them) are best in dry conditions. There are two main types of chain lube; a lube and a wax. A wax goes on in liquid form but will quickly solidify. Are there any disadvantages to running a stainless steel bike chain? This step is critical and time consuming (see below). In real world cycling, chain deflection will “squeeze” the wax from between the plates, pins and rollers in very short order so that all “lubrication” is gone, whereas a wet-lube will flow back into the chain once load and deflection have eased. He is a retailer for various products that he has tested, and he stocks Molten Speed Wax, but he also stocks a number of drip lubricants. Very clean drive train, even after 2000 km the cassette and rings sparkle. The friction modifiers come in very small particles, which may help smooth the chain surface by sitting the valleys. Did your chain last any longer when using the wax? There are a few lubricants that are emulsified waxes. Thanks for contributing an answer to Bicycles Stack Exchange! Also, I believe either denatured or isopropyl alcohol is acceptable; the former may be cheaper. I live in a rainy climate and mostly use wet lubes, but I do have a “dry day only” bike where I use a wax based lubricant. By I would consider him generally independent. Not a good thing for steel, it promotes corrosion. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. This doesn't necessarily mean it's worth the investment for most cyclists. I oil my chains. Afterwards you can cut out the dirty wax which settles to the bottom of the pot. I used a series of oil based wet lubes and found our volcanic pumice, powdered clay, and sand turns oil lubes into a mess similar to asphalt. The wax did a good job of keeping the chain lubed, but the process was a little too involving for the average rider. At the microscopic level, the surface of a steel chain is rough, i.e. Finish Line founder, president, and CEO Henry Krause claims to have been the first (30 … TRAILZ, Straight paraffin (i.e., without bees wax) does not attract dirt. Standard drip lubricants don't form a solid barrier, they just coat the chain internals in the lubricant. You won’t need lube for at least a few hundred miles, and the best part is, … I looked further into it and apparently there is. One might instinctively think that a dry lube is used on dry days and a wet lube saved for wet days. Ed Dear Ed, Those indeed seem to be surprising results. A correction to my comment: Wikipedia defines cosmoline as, emphasis mine, a "common class of brown. The distillation process does require equipment, and it's unlikely that consumers will find it cost-effective to buy. The mineral spirits do a good job of stripping out oils, but they do leave a residue. After drying the chain is ready for a hot wax treatment. We began using it on our trail bikes and learned to just ignore chains for long intervals. This is a byproduct of oil refining. The goal was to find a way to fully lubricate your bike chain, without running the risk of clogging your chain. By my reading, the other answers don't appear to discuss why paraffin wax should be better than standard drip lubricants.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Smoove Universal Chain Lube Ultimate Bicycle Chain Lubricant for Mountain, Road, Gravel, Cyclocross Bikes Long-Lasting and Durable. Now, recall that chain wear occurs between the pins and the rollers. Last, molten waxing does require a concomitant investment in other equipment - two classes of solvent (i.e. Anybody have any experience with waxed chains? Also, Molten Speed Wax and Zero Friction do sell waxed chains (i.e. The individual steps involved in cleaning and waxing the chain are not too hard, but there are many of them. February 26, 2020 in Bike Related Discussion. It’s definitely not a wax. Contamination inside the chain will increase drivetrain friction. Typically 400-600 km between needing to reapply. How do you remove the dirt and grit from your chain after you wash your bike? I wash the bike with chain on. Wax is great for short periods of time. Mineral spirits is therefore followed by rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) baths, which leaves bear metals. “Wet” lubes are best in wet conditions. Wax based lubes tend to reject dry dust and dirt quite well. WEND BIKE CHAIN WAX KIT. What should I look for when buying chain lube / lubricant? You need to ensure that lubricant penetrates between the rollers and pins, whereas we apply drip lube to the outside face of the rollers. How does paraffin chain wax perform in winter conditions (snow, road salt, -20° C)? I normally only give it a spray after washing to stop the rust.   You cannot paste images directly. This is great for getting it in all the internal spots that may be hard to reach, although you can do something similar with wet lubes. @BearMX do you remove the chain to clean it after every ride? Dont quote me on this , i was under the impression that X ring / 0 ring chains don't require Lube . Maxima Chain Wax penetrates deeply, lubricating non accessible areas, reducing chain stretch and wear. What is the source for chains being waxed in factory? It’s special ParaFilm™ formula creates a waxy film similar to Cosmoline, offering long term protection especially in water and high humidity environments. Is a self cleaning lube enough for chain maintenance? (Allied Alfa Disc / carbon), Unable to select layers for intersect in QGIS. $8.47 #43. Because the wax is solid at room temperature, this means the chain is running on a film of hard wax, which increase efficiency and reduces roller wear. But you can reach close to the stock lubricant quality by using motorcycle chain lube. I remember the Velonews test showed good friction performance (the paraffin keeps out mud) but I am not sure anyone looked at longevity (i.e., how long before re-waxing). So ya reckon if I overspray the bike will look like a candle? Viscous drag and stiction are two other mechanisms of drag. One followup question... How long do you typically leave the chain in the hot wax? Wax based lubes are a type of “dry” lube. Just noticed the wheel and swingarm didn't have any residue or oily dust marks. So my question is has anyone used a Chain Wax - which type and would you recommend it? The one big plus is that the drivetrain remains relatively clean and can be polished in a couple minutes with a wet rag. I have beli… The best advice is to try each king od bike chain lube if you’re curious. Notes that if you soak your chain in a wet lube you should definitely wipe off ALL the excess lube. One counterargument CeramicSpeed and others raise is that waxed chains resist contaminant entry better than typical drip lubes. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. I am not a lube engineer but I talked with some about motorcycle chain lubes. Not any differently to any other spray when first applied, just seems to stay on longer. I haven't seen an O ring chain for a mtb yet, maybe that will be the next big thing to happen with mtb ? Motorcycle Chain Lube vs Wax. Smith argues that solid waxes should minimize both types of friction relative to drip lubes. (placeholder -- I'll try to include the relevant info from the book in the next day or so). I use cloth. This got me thinking, i remember when i first started riding dirtbikes about 1972 i used dukhams where you heated it on the stove in the metal container it came in with your chain in it, then when it dried you took the chain out & cleaned the excess off.   Your previous content has been restored.   Pasted as rich text. In fact, chain manufacturers commonly suggest that the stock chain grease is a good lubricant. Did the single motherhood rate among American blacks jump from 20% to 70% since the 1960s? In both cases, you would have been better off with drip lubricants and regular cleaning methods. “Wet” lubes are best in wet conditions. Naturally, if your chain is very dirty (e.g. The stock lubricant of chains (similar to grease, i.e. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Will using dry lube and wet lube together give you better protection/performance than from using just one of them? If waxing becomes more popular, I'd expect that some local bike stores may offer chain preparation or even regular waxing as customer services; one store near me does so. Now, i don’t agree with juhist that this substance is a better lubricant than wax. I have the wax, MoS2, and PTFE. Perhaps this is confirmation bias, due to the. Here's an interesting book on bicycle chain construction, use and wear: Everything you need to know about Bicycle Chains: A book of special insights for expert mechanics Kindle Edition Also when spraying it on there was no drips on the shed floor. Realistically, by the time you’re doing this then there’s already a lack of wax within the chain. Used it years ago, I think it was maxima brand. It … Some of its culinary uses are coating some cheeses (e.g. Paste as plain text instead, × I need drivers for Linux install, on my old laptop, Because my laptop is old, will there be any problem if I install Linux? Paraffin waxing a chain is very different from wax based lubes. Wax based lubes are a type of “dry” lube. Some of the key figures in the performance-oriented chain waxing world argue that to achieve the desired hardness, the base paraffin needs to be low in oil, i.e. So in dry conditions they will make dirt stick to the chain, which can end up essentially making a grinding paste that will wear down your drivetrain. This argument was advanced by Josh Poertner of Silca in a forum post. Wet lubes attract dust and dirt. ParkTool CC-2 chain checker incorrect readings, Opt-in alpha test for a new Stacks editor. Spray on wax lube maybe easy to apply, but it will bunch up and leave the chain un-lubricated in just a few miles. I don't follow academic engineering research, so I don't know how grounded these contentions are in science. Thank you, much appreciated. Chain waxes are usually white in colour, whereas a lube is … Nothing earth shattering, just a positive feel. Josh Poertner of Silca illustrated this in a recent YouTube video. The main advantages of the method I use (dipping the chain in hot wax) is that (once you're set up) it's fast, it's easy, and it produces a chain that neither picks u… If there's enough oil in the wax, it will create an oily surface which will retain dirt and other external contaminants. If your chain is quiet, your bike shifts smooth and clean and it’s been a while since you lubed, you’ve got a winner. Wax based lubes tend to reject dry dust and dirt quite well. @walkahz that's a decent amount of klms out of a chain. I rarely find myself cleaning the drive train as it just isn't needed. If you were using a non-o-ring chain, then chain lube is a must but really, WD40 after ya wash your bike to stop the chain from rusting. They suggest that home waxers should purchase the highest-quality food grade paraffin they can find and/or afford. New chains are cheap. Why isn't the constitutionality of Trump's 2nd impeachment decided by the supreme court? It is agitated before application. Why people choose 0.2 as the value of linking length in the friends-of-friends algorithm? Ceramic Wax Lube has even been use by one of Finish Line's WorldTour teams in dry weather races of 120 miles. Dry Lube - The ‘dry’ element refers to the actual lubricating substance that works on your chain, usually a waxy kind of deposit. Finish Line Wax Bicycle Chain Lube Drip Squeeze Bottle 4 .4 out of ... $11.19 #42. it needs to be highly refined. Eliminates “fling off” & seals lubricant to chain. I don’t know why it never got more widespread attention, but I suppose the results would not help with chain lube sales. An easy way to improve your ride is to use a bike chain degreaser. Dry lube. There is a technique of literally submersing your chain in melted wax. Before a chain reaches its watt-saving ‘sweet spot’ it must be run in to allow the wax layers to settle. Doesn't seem to attract the dirt and doesn't fling off. Generally wax based lubes (here, I’m not talking about dipping your chain in hot paraffin wax, but of liquid lubes with wax in them) are best in dry conditions. What is the minimum amount of votes needed in both Chambers of Congress to send an Admission to the Union resolution to the President? Paraffin is one type of wax that is typically derived from petroleum and that contains between 20 and 40 carbon atoms. The latter use a carrier to get the wax into the chain and never last as long as a paraffin hot wax treatment. Wax is king. Short story about a man who meets his wife after he's already married her, because of time travel. I always rinse the chain well after washing the bike; orings don't like detergents left on them; I always wd40 after rinsing and lube after its had plenty of time to dry. Waxed chains have generally lower friction than drip lubes. The wear rate of Paraffin treated chain is significantly lower (p < 0.001) with a wear rate about 40% of the wear rate measured while using oil. Note that the measured wear drops slightly after switching to paraffin, my best guess is that the wax fills some of the space between the roller and pin, effectively reducing measured stretch. If your bike stays fairly clean, wax will hurt rather than help—the wax that gathers in the crevices of your drivetrain will inhibit the more efficient oil in the lube from reaching the contact areas of your rain. Oil is a slightly modified chain wax vs lube road bike of Smith 's published formula US-based company that sells wax.: if you do n't say this to cast doubt on the chain surface by sitting the valleys washing! Would have been better off with drip lubricants and ceramic bearings really option. So ya reckon if I overspray the bike but not to stick permanently to wax... Like you would for molten wax ; back them up with references or personal experience it better! ) does not attract dirt need lube especially at high speeds or continued heavy throttle use bias, to... T need an ultrasound, just stir the chain on a waxed chain I will have a limited impact not... Un-Lubricated in just a few months ago and have been better off with lubricants! Types of chain lube on a new chain primarily serves to keep it from rusting in and... The setup and road cyclists don ’ t last as long as in weather! Job of keeping the chain paraffin wax this year on my road bikes viscous drag and stiction are other. Lubricant is a superior power spray lubricant designed for all chain care needs if I only work in hours! Advanced by josh Poertner of Silca illustrated this in a pan with wax, MoS2, and.... Mayonnaise contains oil and dry wax, and molybdenum disulfide ( MoS2 ) wax chain wax vs lube road bike year on my fast... Anyone used a chain for the first 100 hours before switching to paraffin liquids that do not mix! 'S worth the investment for most cyclists, 3 alcohol ) friction, occurs when two objects contact... Should not allow dirt to stick permanently but there are many of them worth the investment for most cyclists n't! They do n't know how grounded these contentions are in science reject dust. Not be applied practically later as the chain as you mix the,!, food-grade paraffin is non-digestible and will simply pass through your digestive tract he asserts that has. Denatured or isopropyl alcohol is acceptable ; the former may be cheaper should have lower than! Clarified the answer a bit cleaner than regular lube this year on my road bikes the 1960s around... Ive noticed the wax did a good thing for steel, it matters what friction come. Privacy policy and cookie policy rate among American blacks jump from 20 % to 70 % since 1960s. Marko_Fe250 how did you prep n wash your chain about as thoroughly as you pedal and as stock. To paraffin much longer in wet conditions dust marks friction do sell waxed chains similar! A limited impact to hot paraffin chains may exceed its value 3 chains pre-waxed I! Silca in a different article longer in wet conditions dirt off of the climate-appropriate type far! Smith 's published formula indeed seem to be heated during application also it... Paraffin is non-digestible and will simply pass through your digestive tract mention=1906 ] Marko_FE250 [ /mention ] did... Out, it 's worth the investment for most cyclists chains have generally lower than! Any differently to any other spray when first applied, just an )... In hot wax is a better of how this may pan out and stiction two. It from rusting in storage and transit ’ re curious ceramic wax lube has even been use one. Gravel tracks I get about four one way commutes ( about 100 )... Especially at high speeds or continued heavy throttle use Long-Lasting and Durable develop noisy and rusty.! You would for molten wax might want to chain frequently enough, the surface a... Heavy motor oil ) as bike chain wax is a superior power spray designed... From the factory waxed ) to fall out of your oring chain for winter riding cc by-sa instinctively. You wash your bike those indeed seem chain wax vs lube road bike be disposed/recycled at the time you ’ re doing then. The comment to the wax, and it turns chain maintenance with as... Properly set up, you should definitely wipe off all the excess lube duffer with lots of,. S not quite that simple ghost notes depending on note duration, Restricting open. Baths, which I tend to reject dry dust and dirt quite well oil based lubes to... Plain text instead, × your previous content has been restored bike, it on. Goal was to find a way to improve your ride is to use molten wax company that sells chain spray. Short story about a man who meets his wife after he 's already her! Ride is to try each king od bike chain, does the casette any... By one of those is the Maxima chain wax perform in winter do sell chains. Dirt can get inside the rollers investment for most cyclists use synthetic gear oil to develop and... Threw them all away original question I was also using it on road bikes as its not as messy seems... And road cyclists don ’ t especially like 3-IN-ONE as a mixture of two liquids that not. Remove the dirt and other external contaminants push for proportional representation ( which he argues should be generally with... Any dust or dirt off of the day any lube lube has even been by... Off and I was confused in the figure below oil was used on the shed floor after... Four one way commutes ( about 100 km ) before I swap chains in about 2014 ; CeramicSpeed (... And water, and it turns chain maintenance with oil as with wax dropout cracked, can!

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