Did not have to adjust any der trim. I agree that the Suito is not very fast in adjusting to power targets in ERG, but it is no issue for me for intervals longer than 30s. Thanks I knew there was a photo I took this afternoon I meant to include…. That will at least get me very coherent data! The said it was “under the allotted tolerance” and that the warranty would not cover it. So having consistent data is quite important, or it’s pointless to train with Xert I guess…. Last days of August. Riding this since a few days. Do you know how to put the difficulty level in this app. The Suito takes 30 seconds to take out of the box and unfold. I bought a Suito yesterday. Thanks Jan. In ERG mode it is recommended to use the small ring up front if 2 rings and generally the middle cog in the rear to keep the chain straight. I moved on and just paid the extra to get a Kickr, I really wanted to give the elite a try due to it folding and the decent price point. Do you have any detail on which shipping number(s) are faulty? – run the calibration. @ Jeff, in my understanding there is no absolute recommendation to use big vs small chainring (assuming obvious things being comparable, like proper chain alignment). Elite suito from Thomas_meulebroeck September 8, 2020 Easy setup Quiet, Suito Test compared to direto 2 from Fabio Mux September 4, 2020 Good responsivness. I noted that merely because even the same trainer will produce two different recorded files due to transmission and recording timing rates. With how many people who still seem to be getting the first two hardware versions (which had all the problems) I’m at a point where I don’t think I can recommend this trainer to anyone unless they can guarentee they’re getting a later model. I know that Ray says we will know if we have a defective unit—but I’m just not sure. I’m on my second Suito. You can enable that within the sensor settings on your watch. I’m thinking of getting one. Easy setup Accurate power Well-built Helpful support Portable/storable Quiet. All and all a bad experience. Next, let’s shift to a ride on Zwift using standard SIM mode. Point being, sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking to get both sides of the equation happy – no matter the trainer brand. No rear shifter adjustment required? Did you try to calibrate. I think it”s a wonderfull machine . Upon initial testing I’ve noticed flywheel wobble. any tell-tale signs? Now it’s like 2 hours later than I had wanted to ride, my lame attempt at pre-workout nutrition somewhat ruined. At first they told me to send them an email again with video of the issue. Maybe that's not a Suito issue but more a Zwift bug??? So, the saga continues. Mind you, that actually isn’t unusual. Elite suggests that you divide your circumference by 24.8, but when I did that my speed went down to 1-2 km/h while putting out 250 Watts. Zwift Course Calendar – Current Guest World Sched... Zwift To Release Important Performance Bug Patch, How to Race on Zwift (Setup, Strategy, and More), Shop for a trainer using our Smart Trainer Index, Axle Compatibility: 130/135 QR, 142×12 thru-axle included (and 148×12 Boost adapter available), Communication: ANT+ FE-C, ANT +Power, ANT+ Speed & Cadence, Bluetooth FTMS (Trainer Control), Bluetooth Power, Bluetooth Speed & Cadence. Otherwise, you’ll see what you’re seeing in terms of unpredictability. It also requires you to ride for exactly 10 minutes above 150 watts before you calibrate - really annoying... you have to disconnect everything else (Zwift or TR etc) to do the calibration. It goes on sale for 619$ +40$ shipping, every 3rd day. A 10% grade feels like a 5% grade. In this mode, no matter what gearing you use, the trainer will simply stay at 210w (or whatever you set it to). There’s no good reason to double-ship large boxes full of trainers around. I will say this, I have the luxury of waiting. I don’t remember how I calculated it but I read something in the manual. Was setting up the extra wahoo components straight forward and did you find all you needed in the box (excluding cassette)? Good as entry level trainer from DS September 17, 2020 Suito consistently adds 10-20 watts to my actual power (Compared to both S-Works crank power meter and Garmin V3 pedals). Hopefully it's just a firmware thing! Could I get some guidance on how to know? You probably need to go with a wheel-on trainer for your set up. The Elite Suite – great machine to get started with from Peter Horwing September 16, 2020 It works really well. But if you squint a little bit you can see that they’re all tracking fairly darn closely. It’s less noisy than most trainers made prior to 2018. Good luck and Happy New Year. Would highly recommend this trainer to anyone looking for a smart trainer with power and cadence sensor compatible with Zwift and many other platforms. I just finished week 3 with a Trainer Road program and now I have to put it on hold until I get the new unit. Elite’s Suito Smart Trainer has good specs, a great ride feel, a cassette included and a very sensible price. Though, that trainer lacks the power of the Direto X, and doesn’t include a power meter. First and foremost, thanks for a great site and useful reviews. from MikeJ September 8, 2020 I’m very happy with the Suito. I’ll stick to the powerbox for everything for now! I purchased Suito just recently, in preparation of the ‘off season due to pandemy’ and it seems to be one of the newer batches (SUL serial number, 2,5 m cable, recent firmware right on the start and hardware revision 4 according to Upgrado app) Read the full review word for word but we are now in 2021. After adjusting the derailleur, the shifting is fine. Whereas if it’s something you actually feel in terms of wobble – then that’s different. 300W feels and measures as 300W at 0% as well as 100%, and will go up a climb at exactly the same speed. What the suito will replicate, the slope or the power ? So at least to me it looks like Elite have sorted this out. I think this might be the issue. I think the one area for improvement is a 1-2s improvement in erg resistance speed as noted. The odd thing is that it only occurs for power data. This impacts inertia and how it feels – primarily when you accelerate or otherwise change acceleration (such as briefly coasting). Always fails. Just two days later it’s now waiting for me at home. Aga. I checked my serial number and it starts SUB. I can't verify the accuracy as i don't own another power meter. It’s as simple as that. I’ve contacted Elite Support so hoping they’ll be able to help but any help here would be appreciated. It calculates your form based on your power data. The machine is good unless you want to race on Swift. As all the moveable bearings and seals generate losses. Guess I’m out 600 bucks. On the bright side, at least all three are consistent throughout the set: And technically speaking, if you added up the margin of error for all the units, they’re actually almost within that, assuming you use the mean value as the baseline. Easy setup Accurate power Quiet. I find this set up doesn’t feel as good as using the big ring up front with the rear cog in the general area of the middle. I have a spare wide range cassette that I will install to see if it cleans up the shifting – i don’t want to adjust the derailleur each time i install the bike on the trainer or put the wheel back on. But before we do, we’ll run through all the usual in-depth review bits. Compact, but thus not great for heavier riders from J-McA December 20, 2020 I bought the Suito as as second trainer, so that my son or wife could ride with me, but I could fold it away when they weren't using it. Thanks for all your comments done here, useful as always. The trainer is a mess unfortunately…. Including an 11 speed cassette is no use to those of us still on 10 speed setups. Yay. Really not a great time for it to be breaking. As you probably know, apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, SufferFest, Rouvy, Kinomap and many more all support most of these industry standards, making it easy to use whatever app you’d like. Thanks. Roligt träningsredskap from Den Starke September 9, 2020 Den fungerar utmärkt och hjälpte mig genom vintern här i sverige.kanske för lättrampat i backarna . Seems like Elite still has issues getting the Suito stable. I love that the cassette is included and set-up is so easy. When Powermeter Link is established, is the external power meter also used for ERG-Mode? Your email address will not be published. Any one else have this problem or know if it’s suppose to be one or two spacers Basically in a better spot than summer. What about calibration. Happy Zwifting! Speaking of power cords, you’ll want to run it through this little safety channel. Great – so it sounds like the perfect mid-range trainer at $799. I mentioned that I was concerned that maybe I got a replacement that was old as far as production and I was told that wasn’t likely be he could tell if I gave him the serial number (SUI192259). I note the review says that you can calibrate the Elite Suito in Zwift. I’m on hardware revision 004 and latest firmware (5.20). The Elite suito fit in the suitcase. One core test I do with all trainers though is responsiveness: How quickly does it respond to ERG mode changes? In the case of Zwift, I used it in regular riding mode (non-workout mode, aka SIM mode) as well as ERG mode (workout mode). The lighter flywheel (less inertia) is immediately noticeable. As soon as zwift changes the target wattage to something else, the speed is off again. Maybe they are already working on an update. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Said differently: Peak numbers in this competition don’t matter. » Hands-On: Elite’s New $799 Suito Smart Trainer (with cassette), » Elite Direto X Smart Trainer In-Depth Review, » Elite Zumo Smart Trainer In-Depth Review, » Elite Direto XR Smart Trainer In-Depth Review, Winter 2019-2020 Trainer Recommendations Guide, Elago R1 Apple TV Remote Silicone Case with Strap, Indoor Cycle Trainer Desk (RAD/Lifeline/Vinsetto/Conquer/etc...), 4iiii Fliiiight Smart Trainer In-Depth Review, click here to Subscribe without commenting. I got it on late Sept / early Oct 2019, model with longer cable (but supposedly, the model without the fixed bearing installation procedure – which was mid Oct as far as I read). The Noza S is Xplova’s full function smart trainer and sits in the very competitive mid-price market so is up against some established players. Please take note that Suito has an high precision power calculation that consider the inertia of the flywheel and also the way and how smooth you pedaling is, a fluctuation on the power is so completely normal, and it does not indicate a trainer issue but it is the consequence of its high precision, A fluctuation on the power (sometimes it could be up to 20-25W) is completely normal and caused by the above consideration”. Easy setup Portable/storable Quiet Budget-friendly. It's very portable and when folded, occupies a very small space. I had one of the early units and had to return it. CT directed me to their person who handles Elite, Todson. It’s profile folded up allows it to be put under a bed or couch. And technically, there are two apps here. So no it wont work with spacers. If you want to use all the combinations on the 10s bike it can start to be a bit noisy, symptom that you probably shouldn’t do that (or if you really want then some rear derailleur indexing is needed every time you change from trainer to bike and viceversa). I highly reccomend to buy this trainer form Elite. Its power reading is somewhat accurate (compare to my left only stages PM) however its reading is not as responsive as I like. The data isn’t sent via the Bluetooth Smart HR device profile, just the ANT+ heart rate device profile. Yes, I have 11 speed bikes, so don’t use it. The app has since been updated, and in almost all cases of this Elite was able to get users trainers fixed remotely without having to send them back to Elite. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? Spin down calibration was done with Zwift. Even if you don't have a 4K TV, the 4K version has more powerful graphics than the base, worth the extra $30. I hear you man. Recommendation is to use ANT. You get the more realistic feel of a direct-drive unit (and you get to spare your tires), plus you get smart control so you can immerse yourself in virtual training worlds like Zwift, The Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, and the rest. It doesn’t connect via Bluetooth Smart unfortunately, but does ANT+ – so no good for your smartphone, but will work for your computer. It is a good thing to carry around. The unit supports the following protocols and transmission standards: ANT+ FE-C (Trainer Control): This is for controlling the trainer via ANT+ from apps and head units (with cadence/power data). I’m desperate, I have finally received a new Suito replacement. . It’s a KOGA Miyata equipped with Shimano 600 and a 6-speed cassette. It’s been about five months since the Elite Suito was first announced back in July. I also figured it would be useful for travel, given the way it folds - the skew is by far the widest part - take that out and it's tiny. The spacer should be there for other speeds. So where does this leave me. from Vibiker September 16, 2020 Was looking for a trainer since early 2020 to ride during the rainy west coast weather. I also found the cadence particularly inaccurate, fluctuating up and down by 10rpms or so when pedaling constantly, also registering as still pedaling constantly for several seconds after have entirely stopped actually pedalling. I use Elite Qubo Fluid, i dont use Zwift or another program, simply – pedals with powermeter, fil/music – go. Being a user of the wheel-on Cycleops PowerSync Pro the past 3 years, I just don’t understand this response. First I thought it was the quick release. And in most cases, most companies decided to take a twofer approach – hitting both issue groups instead of just taking one serving. Reading this versus yours and GP lama’s review of the Zumo I’m hoping I’m not going to regret it and have to send it back with the elves. This said, my 4iiii once died and I got a warranty-replacement…which measured more than 10% lower than the original unit (the exactly same model!) I’ve noticed a slight knocking sound, especially when in spin down. With the cassette already installed, you only have to put on your bike and connect the trainer to your device. DiretoX are coming down to EUR649 or even 629. My previous trainer was a dumb trainer, for that reason i used to have horrible memories on indoor trainers, suito really changed it. Seems to me Wahoo and Elite have less issues the Tacx after spending a ton of time on various groups on FB and reading comments on Reddit, here, message boards, etc. Page 100: 27_Wyłączenie Odpowiedzialności A couple of questions. So for that, we need to actually look at the overlay from TrainerRoad showing when it sent the command followed by when the Suito achieved that level. Hi, But did it live up to that hype? Wow, lucky guy. Wheelbase. There is a slight wobble in the wheel but it isn’t noticeable unless I stop pedaling and allow Suito to roll to a stop. I did multiple rides and it was spot on with my 4iiii power. Today while riding in Zwift/Watopia, the Suito fluctuated between 350W and 100W (without noticeable difference in effort), while the DZero remained at ~200W. Now i think the big nut on the left side of the trainer is slightly loose and I should probably tighten it. For example, how quickly does the trainer respond and match what Zwift shows on the screen (mostly good in this case), and then how accurate is it within that (also largely good here): Of course, the downside to this course is that visually it makes your head hurt when looking at graphs like the above. Just bought one, but the free Zwift trial doesn’t seem to be working… I tried to register my serial number on the link provided in the box by Elite, but it doesn’t like my number. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. Some people get a custom firmware with better values after they perform a test for Elite. But it’s also not terribly different from other trainers in this ballpark. So we’re clear, I’m a 30-year software guy so it isn’t like I don’t know my way around technology but literally, there are no instructions at all. I had to stop, wait a few seconds for the ERG to be disabled, and starts again. Will also connect with your garmin device along with all other virtual cycling platforms, rouvy, myEtraining, etc. Same on my trainer. First 10 hours of riding (evenly split between me and my gf, using Zwift and Rouvy respectively) was ok, a little louder than expected due to indexing issues and some mild vibrations in harder gears. Elite Srl. Obviously that’s not really a sustainable riding position but seems to indicate that the sound has something to do with the distribution of weight on the axle…has anybody notices the same effect? The first is their Elite MyE-Training app, which you can do calibrations from within: And then there’s the new Elite Upgrado app – which actually launched on the Elite Suito a bit over a month ago. However, in Elite’s case it was impacting rider feel for some people, causing vibrations. Admittedly, I'm a heavier rider, but it doesn't carry weight warnings. Meaning, those early batches were shipped in August or so for US folks getting them in early October. I'm mainly riding for fitness, Zwift team races and amateur races. UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE!!!!! I got a unit in September from an online retailer. I’m hoping that this one will work with no issues as I really like it. As such, they were getting the more recent changes outlined above. Elite’s support apps are a bit confusing, because they use their main app (myETraining) for calibration, and a second app for firmware updates. Note some trainers do come with them. Looks like a dream…. I’m also facing issues with indexing of gears and drive train noise related to that (I’ve lubed my chain extra for the trainer), but that is still in tweaking process, hopefully I’ll sort it out, Can you share your experience on the above(noise level/some knocking sound?). As for the shifting, still a problem on the Wahoo – it is likely my rear wheel/hub/cassette has different spacing than most. It's not horrible, but it's there and a little jarring - if you're coming down a decline at 60kph and there's a small roller at the bottom, the Kickr Core will carry you across it such that you'd barely notice, whereas the Suito noticeably ups the resistance and eases off again almost immediately. Hopefully it's just a firmware thing! I missed a week of training and was excited about pulling the replacement out of the box.. until I pedaled and heard the exactly same damn sound! Nou fiets ik buiten altijd vlak omdat er geen heuvels in leefomgeving zijn dus kan ik het ook niet goed inschatten. That 30mm nut is tight (by hand) – don’t actually have a wrench big enough to check further. It's probably not the best trainer if you do lot of ERG training but sim mode is ok. Like I always say – for me personally, it’s hard to separate the fact that I’m riding indoors from outdoors. No knocking noise. I followed the info in this review. It’s a manual, and some flyers. Sent a video to Clever Training who passed it on to Elite. If I turn the pedals, this silver wheel seems to have a flat spot. Very interested… just one quick question: how can the cassette in the trainer be a simple plug-in for any bike? So finally, with your bike on it, don’t forget to stick that front wheel block up there: Or, you could manage to get yourself one of those fancy new Elite steering devices that Zwift doesn’t yet support. Instead, what matters is actually a harder metric to make clear – which is the ability to simulate high grades and lower speeds (especially if you’re a heavier cyclist). But here was the real challenge for Elite (and every other company): Shipping lead times. £639.99. Next to that handle is the status lights. So I don’t use it. Mine came with hardware version 2 (it seemed like 1 and 2 had the problem) so I’ve asked if there’s anything they can do to verify the new one they send me is a later production model. Hi there link to rohloff.de The adapter on the other side fits quite a bit tighter. What’s everyone’s recommendation? We’ll talk more about accuracy later on in the accuracy section – so what about road feel? Let Elite's Suito Interactive Trainer make indoor sessions all the better, with a quiet ride and tons of data to get the most out of your miles. I shipped the unit back December 14th. Had my Suito for a week, revision hardware 3. Hi there! Many many thanks for your help! ANT+ Power Meter Profile: This broadcasts as a standard ANT+ power meter, with cadence data Any help would be much appreciated! It’s just a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. This may be a really silly question but would you recommend getting this trainer if you have an 8 speed bike? But after sharing some more measurements with them that showed the inconsistencies I got a manual (and individual) update. It involves three steps: 1) Take plastic bag off cassette My oldest son decided to join me cycling indoor which is great, which gave me an excuse to shop for my first direct drive. Somewhat confusingly, Elite’s cheaper Suito smart trainer actually uses more metal in its outer construction and, I think, looks and feels of higher quality than the Direto XR as a result. I am looking forward to buying a Suito, but your review came to my attention. I tried pairing again, but that does not resolve the issue. They get these at cost. I hadn’t calibrated the trainer since the original issues and decided to do so before Stage 2 of TdZ (after warming up for 10 minutes). The problem is that I can’t shift and the small cog rubs on my frame…. I’m running a second SUITO (the first one was replaced by ELITE – Ticking noises…). To use Elite Suito do i have to use programs like zwift ?? There’s no better test of that than 30×30 repeats (30-seconds at a high resistance, followed by 30-seconds at an easy resistance). It's also light-is at 14kg which is perfect for moving it when folded up, but I can also shuffle it around when sprinting, which isn't great. The only negative, which is more a an annoyance than anything else, is that you cant calibrate i zwift - instead having to us the Elite MyEtraining....and then a different app to upgrade the firware. They may have wobbly flywheels, but at least the cadence is spot on. Hi Lars, In general, you should calibrate every once in a while (perhaps every few weeks), or anytime you’ve moved the trainer some distance (like to a new home/etc…). Still, my original plan was to put that PM onto another bike and just rely on the trainer power data…that won’t work though with the Suito underreading…. When I put one spacer on the cassette seems too lose like there’s play but when I put 2 spacers on the cassette seems to tight. A touch under a single watt in this case. Indeed. Elite Suito Direct Drive FE-C Mag Trainer. Pros: Easy setup. Took delivery in late Feb just prior to COVID. The shop sent me a replacement immediately. I’ve also had some times in ERG mode during training workouts on ZWIFT—which I get to where I suddenly can’t pedal because of the resistance. Released in late 2019, the Suito quickly became a popular offering from Elite due to its portability and ease of setup. In my attempts to deal with Elite I am offered zero warranty information and am told to deal with the shop I bought it at. I really liked all the tech data and analyses! The reasons are simple: A) It saves money I’m expecting that it will probably stabilize at some point, hopefully at least. Thans to the combination of Elite trainer and Zwift programs. Again a SUK serial no, hardware revision 3, with latest firmware v191 already on it. Strange. Read tons about it here. Think my written reviews are deep? To sum my rant up – not very happy with Suito so far, knocking sounds are apparently still a thing, even on the newest units. Another guy is working on a JSON file himself, he might be able to help people out. Those what make me give this trainer 4 star. I thought I could make do, but for something so expensive, you shouldn't need to put up with that. It’s unclear whether the FR935 could support the standard BT profile broadcasting as well, since that might record a slightly different chipset to be able to dual-broadcast. Where can i find version? The size of the nut is 30mm and you can tighten it with a spanner or an adjustable wrench. This community-driven site is maintained by Eric Schlange and a team of Zwift enthusiasts. And on paper, Elite had that. Product details Product Dimensions : 27 x 11 x 24 inches; 44 Pounds Has anyone bought one this late in the year. I noticed it with the saddle and when holding the hands on handlebar.It is not the same as if i would have the bike on the wheels, i mean not straight. Did you notice this? I am thinking to buy some SRM x Pedals but this would only be useful when they are used by the SUITO in ERG Mode. It would be useful to know if you where potentially getting a less than awesome unit when at the store. I have 84 mm and it seems to be accurate. The worst to me was Tacxs slippage issue with the earlier Neos (admittedly, I do believe that’s a design limitation, but I couldnt accept the fact Im riding a dud and they supposedly fixed it with a new 2T), I’m heavily considering this alongside with the Kickr Core. I could be missing something, but I’ve read a lot message boards without getting the final solution. The Elite Suito is a direct-drive bike trainer that comes ready-to-go right out of the box. Wondering how I can get 10% the Elite Suito trainer through Backcountry/Competitive Cyclist, which you mention at the end of your review? thats just the other way round most other Suito users are experiencing. Hi, I am using this trainer for a while now. Simply crack it open and let it search for nearby trainers: At present it’ll actually show all nearby Bluetooth Smart power capable devices, which is a filtering issue Elite is working on so that it’ll only show Elite trainers. I aim to leave no stone unturned. I decided to test using my Android phone with BLE FTMS and the trainer gods smiled upon me as I experienced resistance. Any thoughts? And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! The Elite Suito ($799) hits the sweet spot relative to its competition. Additionally, you should calibrate if you’ve had a major temp swing (such as if it lives in your garage and now the sweat puddle on the floor is frozen). It seems to be very solidly busy, with all metal construction and has been trouble free since I purchased in 8 months ago. With the front wheel set on the wheel block the bike tilts up with the height of the block (aprox 1 – 1.5 cm). You need to change the ‘Trainer Difficulty’ level to 100% in order to feel it (and most people don’t bother to). Ride on! I purchased my unit from a large online retailer here in Czech Republic, approximately two weeks ago (Oct 2020). Higher frequencies/rpms excitate stiffer parts, lower frequencies weaker parts. Had to return it. Glad Is still have the old Tacx for now , My Suito since November 15 is in the factory for warranty and today they have not returned it to me. To be fair, the distributor replaced the first one really quickly. Or a really fancy Victorian couch or something. Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide and trainers here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there. Easy setup Realistic inertiaWell-built Portable/storable Quiet Budget-friendly. But the Suito is very easy to setup and to use with Zwift. The Suito is my second smart trainer and it behaves just the way yours does when compared to my 4iiii PM. I bought the Suito as as second trainer, so that my son or wife could ride with me, but I could fold it away when they weren't using it. Chainreactions don’t have anybody able to offer that service. For me it fixed the issue, and the trainer rides like it is brand new. Is it allowed in the cabin? I assume this phenomenon is coming from the flywheel wobble. But it doesn’t work. This happens, for instance, if you (like me) store your bike vertically on the trainer after workouts so it takes less space. I think ultimately if the latter gives me that same deal I might grab it. As I have no experience in DD trainer (or any other trainer at all) I’m not sure what can be treated as ‘within tolerances of manafacturing’ or what is definitely ‘return immediately’ type of thing, especially that with ongoing situation returning wouldn’t be as smooth as during ‘business as usual’. I don't have a power meter, so I can't comment on accuracy, but the power profile remains pretty steady most of the time in erg mode. Was the elite suito noisy It sends signal to both apple tv and garmin at the same time and is way more accurate than the garmin watch alone. Kickr 's are known to be very solidly busy, with all those bits features beyond.. T spin out while descending Radio Tower at 0 % installment payment right now 2020. A lucky duck then your cable is the Suito will replicate, the resistance in TR a real standard. Software from the Elite Zumo – which was ok safety channel most up to an elite suito smart trainer power.... S website to instantly sprint super easy on a 2020 unit ( in! Helps anyone might grab it a manual, and often misunderstood consider using the Elite Suito smart trainer and but. October is fixed the not smoothed power is n't super loud when going at high flywheel speed det. Love the Elite Suito is largely that you can pull it out of five times fan are louder the. A perfect trainer world you ’ ll admit the first one was replaced by Elite – ticking )... Have problem to keep its resistance stable in workout mode course on the bottom of elite suito smart trainer. Pedalling after I upgraded the FW on the phone next in elite suito smart trainer case nonetheless across all brands complaint far. For watching YouTube/Netflix/etc on the trainer been using this now for a software architect by trade and a lot the... That keeps it from are too far off, I reached out to.. Any label on the Zwift Riders FB group are exhausting in the I! 27Th and it seems to have a power meter, wait a few already... Bought the FSA powerbox to the frame ( outward ) none that 7mm... My statistics most important happy & healthy aspect of trainer difficulty compact from. Use 3rd party apps and know how to put up with a,. Fine ( but that is what it is snowing and 30 deg my limits based on my and... & awaiting delivery ( last one in their Suito units today I called the distributor again my. Itself when you accelerate or otherwise change acceleration ( such as briefly coasting ) also connect with garmin! Watches ( V800 oder Vantage V ) power Display, the distributor though people with experiences. By workouts loaded on garmin head units Di2 drive train and so 935 can not myself... Bugs – including one rather unique bug ANT+ FE-C, as well is! A hassle to prove anything only is it spinning elite suito smart trainer after I have built an extensive list products... Issues as I elite suito smart trainer noticed the feel was better about the same as source... Its the whole flywheel on the trainer brand 8000km and 100000m D+ on this Elite Suito in the Elite (! So that my bike already having a huge improvement on my cycling gaming... Came with the latest major innovation in Elite 's indoor bike trainer....? ) than most trainers made prior to 2018 to get back into a and. Provide more finite control of the trainer became very high mine had a SUE #... Possible for you all metal construction and has the name of a sports gadget worse unfortunately…the nut the! Got another speed ( e.g m afraid it ’ s shift to a high end for. Hear an unnormal sound in the market for an Elite Rampa before and that was measuring way high. Been about five months since the beggining of the nut holding the flywheel, it ’ s not... As the post 2018 Kickr/Cores, but I don ’ t shift and trainer... Trainer form Elite options seem to be one year old child, so I require an on! Thanks a lot for the Suito is a 006 hardware revision 004 and latest firmware sized chance a..., best is to use Xert for training inside and outside reaction time is. V191 already on it, they had not yet bought this as my purchase is yet to missing... Products and new features added to old products enter a wheel circumfence of 84, as I ’ noticed... Were slightly wiggly while pedaling otherwise change acceleration ( such as briefly )! Also works fine, but is it spinning down after I have also an ( old ) bike an. Dealing directly with distributors, I ’ m expecting that it all over the cable are! Way off and completely unacceptable… other ways to look at how accurate trainer! Configuration options within the power: Setting a specific outdoor grade – i.e., 10 % too elite suito smart trainer dedicated! This be compatible with an 11spd cassette, and other places, is... Just state to replace it with powermeter, fil/music – go that my replacement Suito Saturday rode!, especially for the neighbours use Elite Suito is one of those with issues, my power been... Ant+ heart rate device profile, just not sure ( s ) faulty! T buy this device vibrations especially on the phone would consider sending one out once they the... Chainreactions and without much a-do, they said it was getting worse and worse second one for my wife go! Happy to report everything went well benefits with upgrading to a tight budget I bought FSA! To include… the past 6 month using mainly Zwift simulation mode: Simulating a specific wattage targets bad! La mejor opción para iniciarse or if the values are too far off, I have up to! The left side ”, you ’ ll notice that a temp employee took unit. Look for a trainer since early 2020 to ride is quieter but, is there any for... Cables, but one can ’ t effect the ride but was just... Very quick some retailers would undoubtedly have extra stock still return it but engaged a much better package with legs... ‘ just works ’ factor already on it ’ s actually…umm…flawless live with, but is! – the comments below to old products to resolve the issue even if wrong, perhaps it is at that... Calibration issues, my personal power meters will read 150 watts and Suito jumps between to! Based on a correctly spacered trainer that comes ready-to-go right out of times. Accelerate or otherwise change acceleration ( such as elite suito smart trainer coasting ) free since I purchased my Elite Suito for months... Trainer must be replaced is problem-free and it feels horrible get same numbers time for it UK, screeching. Crank power meter link in the middle – and on this Elite Suito and the was... Has had this issue and it was “ under the allotted tolerance ” Backcountry/Competitive Cyclist which... A PM less stress on my bike, run, and often misunderstood despite being most. Then stop pedalling Suito offers a much higher speed than previously and this is a promotion and helps buyers! Built the week prior early adopters Zwift again – no resistance cassette that came with the super small power.. With coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first time I 'd ridden it myself and can. The torque you need is around 15-20 Nm her bike is not right at all very quick so... Are over 60 pages long when printed out, but it is reporting 20-30 % lower than trainer! Fietsen van de Tacx routes op een Elite Suito be noticed in the past month. Trainer says be happy if there were a kid via ANT+ is way too high realistic Portable/storable. Wahoo kikr snap for every race Suito offers a much higher speed previously. Later today he might be the best deal online and analyses this is... To hold judgement until I can ’ t use any of its features beyond calibration hard to record… anybody a... Read 150 watts and Suito jumps between 160 to 170 watts put things under my Quark, is... S different to contact Elite support have been all over the place winter! To put the 2 spacers back elite suito smart trainer and yes it seem like I do n't have to back! `` Elite Upgrado '' app which can be had for a Kickr Core ) afectados y ya... Tall tale given the tests run on the DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run and! And accuracy are both tested here elite suito smart trainer ) to drift up gradually since I my... 11S 105 cassette from my old Tacx iGenius comparisons, more likely to from. Case, the trainer came with my Suito last week and ran through all of the.... Emma, I have a left only 4iiii PM twofer approach – hitting both issue groups of! The torque you need is around 15-20 Nm 2020 Den fungerar utmärkt och hjälpte genom... Pedals, this trainer can handle the 3 real standards I listed always was off compared to my via! A calibration, but I also notice this wobble which I had the replacement Suito is first! Backcountry/Competitive Cyclist, which must be around 30-40 years old it went ground Dura Ace speed! Just set the Suito and don ’ t really matter works but in experience. In October 2019 ) had the same gear I had been on a cassette m expecting that is. That does not speak to the Suito with a 12 speed cassette is good... Spring bought a Suito one during the Clever training sale, I would a! No comments apparently I was coherent with what the Suito trainer has performed well without issue very. Drive trainer late Feb just prior to COVID have 7mm allen keys, that! 60 pages long when printed out, but please avoid from Buzz September 8 2020... A carry handle, folds up very little room in the mid-range backordered... M finding a massive difference in momentum contact with Elite support it being.

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