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Have You Been Holding On To Pain, Anger or Resentment from the Past, and You’re Ready to Let It Go?

Every single one of us has had an experience of feeling hurt by another person. And most of us experience this more than once in our lifetime!

Perhaps you were in a relationship with someone who betrayed you. Or a close friend let you down, and didn’t have your back when you needed them most. Or maybe a family member took advantage of you in a way that really devastated you.

It’s human to feel pain when someone has said or done something that hurts us.

But, it’s also important to know that holding onto pain from the past can create an energetic block within you that can dampen your ability to fully experience all of the happiness, fulfillment and joy that life has to offer.

Forgiveness Is NOT Saying That What the Other Person Said or Did Is Ok – It’s About Giving Yourself a Gift

Forgiveness is one of the oldest spiritually-based practices on the planet.

When you choose to forgive, it’s NOT about whether the other person deserves your forgiveness or not, or saying what they did was ok, or inviting that same behavior into your life again.

In fact, when forgiving someone, you don’t even necessarily need to speak to them or ever see them again!

Forgiveness IS a gift that you give to yourself, so that you find new freedom in your life, and are fully available to have the quality of relationships and other experiences that you would truly love free from the constraints of the past.

You CAN release pain from the past, no matter how it got there or how long it’s been there!

And to help you do this, I have an exclusive gift for you...

Introducing the “Heal Your Hurt, Free Your Heart”
Guided Audio Meditation – My Gift to You!

When you listen to this free 10-minute guided audio meditation, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of what TRUE forgiveness really is An act of self-love, where you release feelings and emotions that may be holding you back in life in ways that you may not even consciously be aware of.
  • Connect with the incredible power within you that’s far greater than any circumstance that you’ll ever find yourself in. You CAN rise up from even the most challenging situations, just like a phoenix from the flames!
  • Begin to experience forgiveness for those you feel have hurt you, so that you can free yourself up to more fully experience and savor all of the love, connection, happiness and peace of mind you desire.

Normally, you can only access this audio download inside my Power of Forgiveness™ meditation series.
But right now, this meditation is my gift to you, absolutely FREE!

Forgive the Past, Heal Your Heart and Set Yourself Free In Just 10 Minutes

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