How to Release the Past, Heal Your Heart and Set Yourself Free Through The Extraordinary Power of Forgiveness

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Have you been hurt in the past by a friend, family member, or colleague?

Perhaps someone you were in a relationship with someone who betrayed you. Or a close friend let you down, and didn’t have your back when you needed them most. Or maybe a family member took advantage of you in a way that really devastated you.

Are you holding onto this hurt, wishing you could heal and move forward into a freer, fuller, and more expansive experience of being alive?

Every single one of us has had an experience of feeling hurt by another person. And most of us experience this more than once in our lifetime!

But, it’s also important to know that holding onto pain from the past can create an energetic block within you that can dampen your ability to fully experience all of the happiness, fulfillment and joy that life has to offer.


Forgiving the Past is the KEY to Unlocking Greater Freedom, Joy and Love TODAY

Forgiveness is NOT about whether the other person deserves your forgiveness or not, or saying what they did was ok, or inviting that same behavior into your life again.

In fact, when forgiving someone, you don’t even necessarily need to speak to them or ever see them again!

Forgiveness IS a gift that you give to yourself, so that you find new freedom in your life, and are fully available to have the quality of relationships and other experiences that you would truly love – free from the constraints of the past...

And you’re more easily able to foster deeper, more fulfilling, more compassionate, and more transcendent relationships with others, and with yourself.


Introducing The Power of Forgiveness™ A 5-Part Meditation Series Designed to Help You Heal Your Hurt and Free Your Heart

The Power of Forgiveness™ is a deeply impactful, 5-part meditation series that will help you release any lingering anger, disappointment, or resentment from the past, so that you free yourself up to fully live your best life and pursue your dreams.

Each meditation is sent to you directly as an audio download that you can easily listen to on your smartphone, on your computer, or in your car, so you’ll be equipped and ready to go ANY TIME you feel the desire to free yourself from constricting thoughts about the past, and create greater freedom and expansion in your life from the INSIDE out.


You’re sitting at your kitchen table eating breakfast, feeling tense, stressed, and worried, as the voice of your inner critic is judging you for something you said or did earlier that you KNOW was a mistake…

Or you have a family function to go to, and you notice you’re still feeling hurt or disappointed by something that someone who will be there did or said in the past, and you JUST CAN’T seem to let it go…

Or you’re getting ready for a date, and you find yourself tensing up because you catch yourself thinking, “What if this person ends up hurting me like my last partner did?”

But now, you OWN The Power of Forgiveness meditation series!

You simply pop your headphones in, you select one of the meditations and you begin to listen. And within just a few minutes, you reconnect with the the power within you that’s far greater than any situation you’ll ever find yourself in.

Each time you listen to one of your meditations, it’s like a weight is being lifted off of your shoulders.

You feel calmer and you breathe easier, as you begin to generate a field of forgiveness and compassion for both people you feel have hurt you, and for yourself.


No Experience with Meditation? No Problem!

Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before, or if you’ve tried to without a lot of success.

Meditation is simply a way of quieting of the mind, which allows you to relax and tune into the frequency of the Infinite intelligence that flows through all things in the Universe, including you and I.

This Infinite intelligence seeks to guide you away from people, experiences and things that are contractive, and toward opportunities for greater expansion, abundance and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Most of us have a hard time tuning into this guidance from the Infinite. Often, the endless chitter chatter of our mind gets in the way!

But, with these guided meditation audios on hand, I’ll guide you through how to quiet your mind so that you can connect with Infinite intelligence more easily, and begin benefitting from its wisdom and guidance.

What You'll Find Inside The Power of Forgiveness™ Your 5-part guided audio meditation program will work like this...

PART 1: “Heal Your Hurt, Free Your Heart” Meditation

Through this meditation, you’ll come to know that there’s a power within you that’s far more powerful than any circumstance or situation you’ll ever find yourself in, and that no matter what’s occurred in the past… your future is still UNWRITTEN!

PART 2: “Forgiving Those Who Hurt You” Meditation

In this meditation, we go deeper into how to forgive the actions of others that may have left you feeling wounded, disappointed, or resentful… so that that situation no longer has any power over you, and the emotional charge is gone.

PART 3: “Forgiving Yourself” Meditation

Listening to this meditation will empower you to look on things you may have said or done in the past that you don’t feel good about with greater compassion for yourself – a powerful shift in perception that will remove any blocks in you from your awareness of love's presence.

PART 4: “Releasing Hidden Pain from the Past” Meditation

This meditation will support you in shining a light on, and then releasing, any pain you may be holding onto from your past that you may not even consciously realize – so that you can experience even more joy and freedom in your life!

PART 5: “Loving Kindness” Meditation

In this truly life-transforming meditation, you will learn to generate a field of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness each and every day, so that you can continue to deepen into living a freer, fuller, and more expansive life.

You can listen to the guided audio meditations right from your computer, or you can download them onto your smartphone or other mobile device and take them with you.

Each meditation also comes with a "gold nuggets" PDF that you can download and print that lists the most important teachings shared in that particular meditation.

Plus you will also receive 5 downloadable PDF workbooks I’ve created to help guide you through each day of the program and give you a place to record your insights and breakthrough as they arise!

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