What If I Have More Than One Dream? Which One Do I Follow?

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Many people talk about having dreams, but what does it truly mean to have a dream for yourself and your life?

By definition, a dream is the desire for a result that’s beyond the result you’re currently experiencing. From this perspective it is natural for us as human beings to have more than one dream.

This idea of having more than one dream can sometimes create confusion…

  • Which dream do you focus on first?
  • Is it possible to pursue multiple dreams at the same time?
  • How do you create the career you want AND the relationship you want AND the body you want?

…PLUS all of the other things you want to be, do, or have to feel fulfilled and on purpose in your life?

The FOUR Domains of Life

First, take a moment to acknowledge that life is not one dimensional. You actually have four key areas, or “domains,” of life:

  1. Health & well-being
  2. Love & relationships
  3. Vocation (your business or career)
  4. Time & money freedom

Second, understand that you are already creating results in each of these domains of life.

The results you currently see in each of these domains may not be the ones you prefer, but they are still results that you have created nonetheless.

If you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, you will continue to see the same results.

To generate NEW results, it’s time to do something different.

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What To Do When You Have More Than One Dream

Like most human beings, different things will be important to you in different areas of your life.

Because of this, if you follow your human nature, you will always have multiple dreams you want to pursue.

Instead of attempting to squash your dreams or force yourself to pursue just one, here’s how to pursue multiple dreams at once, and successfully transform them from the realm of imagination into reality:

Align your multiple dreams into a single coherent and consistent vision

Now the secret to this is that your multiple dreams already form a coherent, consistent vision…

But if you aren’t clear and intentional about that vision, unfavorable circumstances, conditions and situations will have the power to distract you and lead you astray – and your dreams will never be realized!

So if you don’t currently have the results you desire in the four key domains of your life, the first place you want to look is at your current “paradigm.”

Your paradigm is your habitual way of thinking and behaving, based on your perception of who you are and how the world works.

If you feel stuck, chances are your paradigm keeps you distracted from stepping outside of your comfort zone to pursue your dreams with what’s called the “bright shiny object syndrome.”

The “bright shiny object syndrome” is the opposite of having a clear vision.

You want to be really honest with yourself about whether the multiple dreams you think you are pursuing are actually all in alignment with your vision, or if they are simply distractions that keep you from moving forward toward a life you love living.

The key is to ask yourself,

“Do my multiple dreams align into a single coherent vision? Or do they point me in a lot of different directions, where I end up not really moving forward on anything?”

More than one dream

Most of the advice out there to pick a single dream and focus on it is actually dealing with “bright shiny object syndrome” – because when you’re chasing shiny objects, you usually have the sense that if you pursue just one, the others will need to be left behind.

When you feel like you have to choose just one dream, eventually, many people fall into analysis paralysis, or procrastination, and just give up.

So the challenge, and also the opportunity, is to discern between the dreams that give you life and fulfillment… and the ones that are merely distractions, generated by your current paradigm, designed to keep you stuck in what’s familiar, but ultimately unsatisfying for you.

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  • Alisa Davidson

    “The Bright shiny object syndrome”,is really good to know about as I approach a higher level of awareness, while I work on multiple quadrants of my dreams. I find though, that when I follow my intuition it is leading me to that in which is for my highest good. All the tools I have learned in “Stronger than Circumstances ” has helped me to make better choices and overcome the fears that I encounter on my way to the life I deserve to have!So grateful to you Mary for all that you do and all that you are!❤

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