3 Success Principles: How to Live With Intention for The Next 365 Days

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Before You Make Your New Year’s Resolutions, Read This

What would you love to see happen in your life by this time next year?

Even if you take nothing else away from this blog post today, I highly encourage you to spend some time digging deep to answer this question.

Do you dream of becoming the healthiest version of yourself, finding the love of your life or moving into your dream home?

Perhaps you can see yourself growing your business or increasing your service in the world…

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned over the last year and think about all that you’d love to accomplish in the coming year.

And for many of us, it’s the perfect time for a fresh start!

Whatever your goals are for 2019, here are three simple principles that can help you on your journey to creating a life you absolutely love living over the next 365 days.

1. Create a vision for your life one year from now

new years 2019 create vision for life

Look down at what you’re wearing right now. The clothing you have on was made the way it was made because somebody had a vision. The clothing designer had a dream or a blueprint in mind for how that particular piece of clothing would look, feel and function.

Maybe they envisioned buttons or a collar. So he or she put the pattern together, first in his or her mind, and then on paper. The next step included gathering and organizing whatever materials were needed to produce what you’re wearing at this very moment.

Why does this matter? Well, in order to create a life you’d love (I’d love to help: https://www.dreambuilderprogram.com/register/), you must first start by picturing it in your mind.

Think about this for a moment: some people spend more time planning a weekend trip than they spend planning their lives.

The simple truth is that if you keep breathing 365 more days, you’re going to arrive at January 1st, 2020. This isn’t a question or a possibility. This absolutely will occur.

So, would you like to purposefully create your life or would you prefer to step aside and let someone else create it for you?

I highly encourage you to set aside some time to create a blueprint for your life by writing down the answers to the following questions:

  1. If you could have or experience anything in your life, what would you love?
  2. If you could be the kind of person you’d love to be, who would that be?
  3. If you could share anything with your children or grandchildren, what would you love to share?
  4. What kind of results would you love to see in your business or workplace?

Whether you choose to do this exercise or not, know this: You will have results in all areas of your life as long as you keep breathing.

Your relationships will either get stronger, deeper, more powerful and more wonderful, or they may become more distant. Your health will become better or worse, even if just a little bit. You will continue to produce results in your business or career, positive or negative.

Creating a vision for what you’d love is so important because it gives us a destination in mind.

Envisioning what we truly want gives us a clear picture of what we’re building and creating, and also provides a map for how to organize our energy, time and attention.

Have fun with this exercise!

2. Make a firm decision that you want the life you envision

new years 2019 firm decision

The next practice is to decide that you want what you envision enough to be a match for that vision.

A great way to think about this is to think about what you do when you want to watch a particular TV show. You don’t sit in front of the television and hope, pray, beg or meditate for the show to come on. You simply turn on the TV and switch to your show on Netflix.

In the same way, when you make a decision, you are commanding your subconscious mind to change the direction of your life. You’re willing to change the thoughts that you think, the actions that you take, and the way you organize your time and energy to be in harmony with the vision you have for the life you’d love living.

You can be, do and have anything you want if you become a match for what it is that you say you want. This isn’t magic; it’s something that you organize, lean into and practice on a daily basis.

3. Surround yourself with support

new years 2019 support

The pull to the familiar is incredibly strong – so strong that we can imagine it like sending a spacecraft into space.

Rockets are built underneath the spacecraft. There’s a big rumbling sound as the spacecraft lifts off. Then, once it gets to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere, the pull of gravity is so strong, a booster rocket is needed. The booster rocket then shoots the spacecraft right out of the gravitational pull of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Similar to what the spacecraft experiences, there’s a gravitational pull to the lives we’ve been living – what we call our comfort zone. That’s the reason why so many people start out with great big New Year’s resolutions and end up with very small results.

Surrounding yourself with support is a huge booster rocket for you. The support you receive mustn’t be just once, and not just during the first week. You should seek out and receive support daily.

For you, this may mean five minutes per day of reading or listening to something inspirational. These few minutes of support each day can lead to huge results over the course of time.

Love speaks to each one of us in a language only we can understand

Know this: Ideas will come to you when you ask yourself, “What would I love?” These answers may not make sense to anyone else but you.

I invite you to create a vision over the next few days of what you would absolutely love in the four areas of your life: Health, relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom.

Next, make a decision to move toward creating those results in your life – not because you know how or because you’ve done it before, but because you would love it.

And finally, organize your time so that five minutes each day, in one way or another, you’re giving yourself support to stay in the frequency that’s a match of the vision you hold. Whether you watch a video on my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/marymaninmorrissey/) or someone else’s, or read something inspirational, make it just as much a habit as brushing your teeth.

My wish for you over the next year is that you discover that there’s a power and a love within you that speaks to you on a daily basis and that you know you’re not alone in this life. Your vision will support you if you do your part.

This is going to be your best year ever. I just know it!

So…what would you love to see happen in your life by this time next year? Go ahead and share with all of us in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

Would you love some extra support with setting clear, powerful and attainable intentions for the coming year?

If you want to turn your intentions into results quickly and easily…

And feel more inspired, fulfilled and ALIVE in 2019, no matter what life brings your way…

Then watch the replay of my free online workshop How to Create a 2019 You Truly Love here.

Happy New Year!

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  • Angel Gigie

    I would like to have a regular exercise to maintain good health.

    I would like to strengthen my relationship with my family.

    I would like to focus on improving my skills.

    I would like to top the board exam this year.

    I would like finish my graduate studies this year.

    And I would like to say thank you very much

    Mam Mary Morrissey for coming into my life.

    You are an angel sent from heaven.

  • Mary, this may sound a bit superficial but I have to say that I really love your new rejuvenating haircut!

  • Vision,Decision, Support- I’m in the Divine Flow of my stupendously abundant 2019 in Relationships, Health, Livelihoods, and Perfect Home!!

  • To one of the greatest Female Leaders of our time. Thank you Mary for the coaching, support and teaching me everything you know with years to go. Look forward to being certified in your Life Coaching program. Your the greatest!
    Happy New Year

  • Jenny Louise

    Thankyou Mary. Your presentation is inspiring and clearly explains the steps needed to make 2019 an awesome year – wherever that looks like for each of us. Very grateful for your work and your lovely wish for 2019 for your audience here here watching you! Blessings to you for your year too 🙏⭐️🎈

  • Nicky Nicita

    Thank you so much Mary. My life has already changed for the better. Imagine what 2019 will be like!!!
    Thank you so much for your supoort. I can always count on you to remind me of how powerful I am within the scheme of the Universe.
    God bless,

  • Gregg Delprincipe

    I will make it a point to meet you in person Mary Morrissey. I have a dream to work for God and Jesus. I am presently enrolled in your Dreambuilder program and together we will see my dream come true. I look forward to meeting you at your Dreambuilder event in Los Angeles January 25th. Happy New Year.

  • Lynn Welling Empey

    Thanks, Mary.

  • Mary thanks to your training I went from being so sick I was sent to hospice, to enjoying Bali with you and all. I learned to ask for exactly what I would love and I just got engaged to a man I adore. Dr. Robert J.Plummer. Now, I am working on selling my world famous Infinite Dress business and free myself to our travel plans. Hurray! Happy New Year 2019 to you, Joe and the family. Love, Lydia

  • Williams Aladi Charity

    Great words, I am going to practice this, but some I can’t really say but I want or love in life. Please help me. Thank you.

  • Thanks so much for the inspiration!


    I would love to increase production in selling life insurance by 200% this.

  • i want to have more money for healthy food! <3
    i want to move from kosovo!
    i want to go to Spain for a 3 months
    i want to have more techno gigs for vegim and me
    i want to travel to listen to techno and meet more people and their personalities
    i want to stay in love and more love with vegim with more patient for everything
    i want to start mediatiton with vegim
    i want to have good relationships with my family and my mam
    i want a lot of success for vegim and his production
    i want mac
    i want new headphones
    i want new pc
    i want new natural cosmetis
    i want new traktor
    i want success of MAJA
    i want earning more money in 2019!
    i want to start online bussiness
    i want to publish a book about healthy food and rave and clubbing on kosovo
    i want to have smile on vegims and my faces! i wanna stay in LOVE and HAPPINESS al lthe time!
    i LOVE ALL and i WANT all to be happy <3

  • To have the financial freedom to expand my house, grow my business, buy a new car, travel for pleasure and leisure.

    To enjoy a deeply satisfying love relationship that is mutually supportive,and caring

    To be actively and passionately engaged in activities that heal, uplift, and inspire global consciousnes.

  • sheila mcqueary

    Love this ♥ Thank you so much. Many Blessings
    ~ Sheila

  • Hi Mary thanking you ….I do not seem to know what to achieve..always confused and procrastinate and ruminate…then for ever beating myself for missing or messing up opportunities…forever worrying about time running out??…seems an endless circle for me…..

  • N. Eileen

    Thank you for your caring and your sharing!!
    Blessings and hope to you, Mary, and to all your staff,
    N. Eileen

  • You are wonderful. I am starting from today to follow you, because I need to CLARITY. I am so confused in what I want and so tired of my life, that what I really know for sure, is that I need to change, but I’ve been so busy racing alone my three children, taking care of them and my mom, friends, etc, that I realized, I forgot to dream, I don’t know what I want to do to improve my financials or to find a partner or to fix my house…hopefully, following you, I will find the way to find me again

    • You are wonderful. I am starting from today to follow you, because I need to CLARITY. I am so confused in what I want and so tired of my life, that what I really know for sure, is that I need to change, but I’ve been so busy racing alone my three children, taking care of them and my mom, friends, etc, that I realized, I forgot to dream, I don’t know what I want to do to improve my financials or to find a partner or to fix my house…hopefully, following you, I will find the way to find me again

  • Truly Perfect. Thank You!

  • Wonderful video. Thank you. The first thing I need to do is get back to a healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean everything else is on hold. It just means I have to make time for it, make it routine every single day. Work it around my work and other responsibilities. Without health we have nothing. We can’t shine. So that is step on. Then build my coaching business. And work on my personal relationships. Happy New Year.

  • Duru Bright

    Thanks, I wish you the very best. After listening to your 3 success principles,I promise you that I will make this year a remarkable year in my life.

  • Ashok Saini

    Thanks, it’s really wonderful

  • Oh I will love to find be so peaceful and serene in my mind, surround with love and joy abundantly, financially independent at last! Earning the amount of money that I’ve dreaming to have 10,000 dollars a month!

  • Rabab Ahmed Hegazy

    This was so inspiring Mary.
    Thanks for sharing this with us❤️

  • Yes I would like to be a millionaire

  • Thanks, I would like to be a millionaire

  • Aniket Kumar

    Thank you so much Mam.lots of love

  • Sodiq Ahmed

    I want to be have healthy relationships filled with love.
    I want to have financial freedom.
    I want to travel round the world, meet different people, learn different languages and culture.
    I want to make the best possible use of my time each day.

  • Jenny Sandiford

    Mary, I have done many of your courses and now on a year of Master of Thinking with my mentor you trained in Edmonton Alberta. I also came to Dallas……fabulous!!
    My vision is find the love of my life, financial freedom with multiple streams of income so I can give my back to my charities. Perfect health with love, peace and joy. God, as the central part of my life. Vacations in the places I have not yet been. 2019 will be my quantum leap year and I will be in Virginia in June. You have made such a big difference my life. I am beginning to LOVE IT 😍

  • Thank you Mary,I have been blessed reading this
    I need support on how to make it alone in business as a single mother of 3. Starting a new business as well. I need a m mentor who can support me so this.

  • Ansie Gabriel

    I am excited for 2019

  • Annie Bailon

    Thank you for your pieces of advice. I hope I could follow that vision, envision and support.Happy new year. I can make it!

  • Annie Bailon

    Yes Thank you for your pieces of advice. Happy new year. I can make it!

  • I would like to achieve a sense of inner peace within myself, success and stability at work and be surrounded by love

  • It’s good and we’ll orgaized determining training

  • Emmanuel Osho

    I envision an inflow of abundant financial resources to support my vision of prosperous business outcome in divine health and surrounded by healthy relationship that causes me to grow emotionally more mature and strong. I want to start and complete my personal house project this year 2019. I to give birth to wonderful baby boy this year with greater financial resources to support my obligations.

  • Lemmy Mwiinga

    Yes Mary I would some extra support with setting clear, powerful and attainable intentions for the coming year 2019.

    This is powerful and timely teaching Mary. I need more and more of such teaching.

    Your YouTube it a must I must be connected.

  • Taylor Stephens-Parker

    1. I would love to experience helping my family and friends.
    2. I would love to help my friends be happy.
    3. I would love to share time with my children and grandchildren and I would love them to share time with me.
    4. I would love to see people who need help get my help.

  • Gail Kaplan

    Today I worked on my vision for 2019 and I worked on the cookbook I’m writing this year I worked on the menu for my new small business targeted to start next week.
    I have 30 goals for my 2019 that I am envisioning!
    They are all doable and only a few scare me to the point of feeling nervous.

  • Catherine Jennings

    Hello Mary,

    New soul mate, new job and financial freedom all wrapped up in a fabulous new earth suit. 2019 will be a wonderful new year for me.

    I saw you in Dallas and you added to my life. Thank you for your message and your inspiration. Best to you and your wonderful family.

  • Hoping to be debt free and thrive my business to have more income and of course be healthy do to be productive and and listen to allow the Webinar I sign up to develop a positive attitude everyday. To help as many people that God will put in my path way. To have more wisdom and understanding of GOD’s will for me to align it with his divine providence. To attain happiness, peace and joy throughout my waking moments.

  • Julie Brown

    I love all the inspiration and relish in reading, doing and listening day after day.
    Thank you
    and wishing you a very Happy New Year 2019


  • Thank you, you were my daily dose of support today! Thanks and happy new year.

  • I sincerely hope that this works. I hope that I don’t stop because it’s too hard or too far away. I want a home, a husband, and a wonderful life with less overall stress.

  • Thank you Mary for your words of wisdom regarding creating the 2019 you’d love to live.

  • Happy new year Mary M. I love your support, hope next year can buy your books and videos…thank you for all you free stuff I love it.God Bless!!😊

  • Dear Mary,

    You are my inspiration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, for your teachings and for your devotion to those who want to advance and grow in awareness. May God bless you and your entire family, and I wish you and all your loved ones a very Happy New Year and may 2019 be the best year for you too!


  • Hi Mary

    I would love to become the healthiest version of myself and become more powerful in my actions and thoughts. I am a bit of a victim to choice eg.smoking etc I would love to be free from the things that are holding me back. I have taken your 3 month course and have definately made very positive changes….it was such a wonderful eye opener. I had no idea that was how life worked. I want to be brave enough to give 10% of my income to a good cause. Do you have any suggestions??? I think you are fabulous….thank you :)

  • True, if i don’t launch myself now, nothing else will happen

  • Lilly Wagner

    Resolve and end in an equitative way our enormous family fight that has been lasting the 9 last years outside and inside the Court.

  • Patricia Moran

    I just love all of the very inspirational programs you have to offer. I am currently trying to decide on what specific offer to choose from the 3:
    “Visonering” with Michael Bernard Beckwith OR
    “The Art of Goal Setting” with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher OR
    “Into Your Genius” with you Mary and Bob Proctor

    I like the idea of the “Into Your Genius” program as it has 2 of the most inspirational and powerful teachers the world has ever known and Bob isn’t going to be here with us much longer.

    One problem right now with the ‘Into Your Genius” program is that I am not sure if I can make the in-person DreamBuilder Live seminar as I currently have some legal issues that involve criminal charges that effect my current Immigration status here in Canada. However, I do have an amazing Canadian Immigration lawyer that I am convinced was sent to me as a gift from my long time deceased grandmother. This lawyer and her law firm are truly a gift from God.

    So how can I use some of your teachings to help not only to have my current criminal charge withdrawn by the Crown attorney and to have my current criminal conviction overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal ??
    I know its a huge ask, but I need some practical guidance with regards to resolving these 2 specific issues.

  • Sharon Tippner

    Thank you for giving me the support that I need to create that which I am created to be and walk the path for a greater and better life for myself.
    You truly are a inspiration.

  • Monte Bellis

    I am in Bob Proctor coaching, the Dream Builder, and Brave Master. I am seeking,how to earn a million dollars. How to live a life not doing time at an hourly job.

  • Monte Bellis

    Honestly, if I knew what I need to do today to make my life better. I would have already done it and be on my way. I work 15 hours a day 14days a week. I am thankful to have a job. My goals are to have a life. Not just a job doing time.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring video Mary its perfect timing as we start a new year. There are many changes I need to commit to in order to live my life to the fullest again. And I think watching this video has inspired me to take small daily actions like watching and reading inspiring videos , getting some exercise daily , commiting to learning something new daily are all methods I intend to do in small increments of time daily to motivate me to push forward in my life.

  • Armah Roberts

    Thank you for sharing these simple but practical principles to a more successful and abundant life. I owe it to myself to practice these 3 simple steps religiously to succeed in 2019.

  • What would you love to see happen in your life by this time next year?
    I would love to see the love of my life come in to my life. I have been divorced close to 14 years.I have not had anyone after the divorce mainly because I was raising 4 children and they were my priority; 3 are now gone and I’m left with one 14 year old. I would love to feel the essence of being a family by having my husband, my daughter and me become one family. Please stand with me in this prayer for it is so long overdue. I want my daughter to see what it is to have a father figure around. Thank you for your support.

  • Desi Tahiraj

    My dear Mary, I THANK YOU Very Much for this wonderful feedback. The 2019 it will be a Big Breakthrough and achievements for me and people that I adore as my vision, direction, Time and Energy I put all my heart into it and with your help and my friends it will be splendid. I feel it in my bone:-)

  • I enjoyed this video, I enjoy listening to you.

  • Mary you are so right about the support – without it, I go right back to fear and struggle. One step I am taking to move myself to a better future, is clearing space. Space in each room of the house and space in the garden. My main goal is to finish all the projects I’ve started. Thank you for your positive message and Happy New Year!

  • Kpelafia Ibrahim

    I wish you all in this platform a happy new year

  • Narayana prasad

    Excellent guidance Thank you very much with heart felt gratitude

  • Thanks Marry you are the most inspiring being in my life right now, I remember leaving in complete darkness when one day i came across your videos and it gave me hope! So thank-you

  • Barbara Paul

    Thank you so much for your inspiring videos.
    Love them, as I recall our wonderful trip to India in 2010. I will be turning 80 this year, (!) and your messages give me much hope for living more successfully in these “golden years.” Blessings!

  • Mary you are just the most lovely person I’ve met in a long time! In my opinion you’re just a perfect angel sent by God to uplift us all! Thank you for your beautiful advice! I don’t drink so thanks for toasting us with sparkling apple juice! Of all the speakers and motivational coaches out there u inspire me most of all! I resonate and love hearing your every word! I pray I can dive into that uplifted zone ! Love and Light xoxrsphoebz 🤗🎉🧘‍♀️🐬💃🦋🎨🎈⛵️📚🏖🏄‍♀️🥰💖❤️💚💛🙏

  • Carla Sandrin

    Thank you, Mary. Your message is inspiring. Vision, Decision, Support – excellent advice for those of us who are ready for serious transformation. I think the key word is DECISION. I hope I’ll have the strength and willpower to keep to my plan. I’ll think of your words as the wisdom of a guardian angel who wishes to help those who are ready to listen. Happy New Year!

  • Good, thanks, that’s true!God bless you so much!

  • Joseph Wagoneka

    Easy steps for new year resolution setting.

    Thank you.

  • Christine

    I believe in this work and choose to enjoy this journey in 2019! Thank you, Mary! I am envisioning a relationship preparing me for marriage. I am deciding to find and align with daily inspiration that is the highest frequency of Love. I am surrounding myself with healing, enlivening and uplifting women and men who support this journey! In gratitude, It is so!

  • Joseph Wagoneka

    A great aid to New Year Resolution setting. Quite systematic and easy to follow steps.
    Many thanks Mary. God Bless you.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m pretty clear about my vision. And yes, I have Decided! Today I subscribed to your Utube channel. So…

    Thank you, and may you, also,have a year of living your dreams.

  • I just came from church to nurture and support my heart. It has been two years Jan. 3rd and this seems to be harder than last year since my husband suddenly died. Anger, loneliness, have surfaced. Draining my energy. As I share with others Stop Pause and Pray. I now am doing this. So I am grateful for the opportunities that lay before me, the support of family, friends and Mary Morrissey and her staff, my clients, and most of my willingness to believe and to act upon this Grace and Love that lives within me to share with the world. I am also grateful for my husband and our beautiful daughter. I toast to yo, may God support you, keep you safe and inspired. Blessings and Happy New Year. Thank you for listening.

  • Robert HINANIK

    Love ur work. Will try ur principles this year. Have one grandson, two boys, and a daughter. Youngest is telling me his wishes to travel and I would like to finally hold my grandson this year.

  • Alisa Davidson

    The life I would love to live, involves moving a lot of mountains. The key word here is “attainable”, or is it? I have some clear visions, others need more details beyond what I can imagine. Either way,I am so grateful to you Mary, for being part of my new “support” team. I need to expand that support system as well as deciding which dream to focus on first. Thanks for the inspiration,and encouragement on my journey to building “my field of dreams!”

  • My decision is to follow your meditation series to help me to (finally) reach my dreams in 2019!

  • Tieho Paul Mahlo

    I would love to be settled in the UK with my family, running my new franchise business, assets and property in place.

  • Mohamed Samy

    Really, I appreciate your reliable talking.

  • Mary,
    Thank you so much for your guidance and unbelievable strength in giving insight for “living” in the highest frequency of life.

    You have helped me enormously through the years and this new year’s 2019 video goes straight to my core.

    Yes, you are living your vision and passion and in the silence of receiving your daily emails, you are there with me, holding my hand through the physical distance.

    Thank you so very much and hopefully you will receive this message directly to you as my visions and passions are on the cusp of reality.

  • Sharon Wright

    i would love to give my first SUCCESSFUL speech lol i have learned be very specific when MANIFESTING and SUCCESSFUL is the key word here lol anyway i have INTENTION ON breaking ground for my new life as the 1st 🌎 Society Speaker TYVM MARY FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT LISTENING TO THE UNIVERSE IN TIMING & UR TLC


  • Muhammad Yaqoob

    Thank you so much to help by opening my eyes for making goals in 2019.

  • Julian F. Dampies

    Thank you Mary…wonderful, powerful and very motivational advice which I am definitely going to purposefully follow to the letter.
    Have a great and spirit filled 2019. Keep well and stay blessed!!

  • thus begins the spirit of loving encouragement!

  • Great video and very inspiring thank you. I have already started my vision when I got a new job offer starting 7th Jan, so looking forward to a year of happiness ahead



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